Updated: Nov 1, 7:32am PT.

For the record, I really do like Southwest Airlines (SWA). I’ve flown them dozens of times but not hundreds, like I’ve flown the other major carriers because I cherish assigned seating, confirmed seats with extra legroom and first class upgrades. Flying SWA is just too much of a risk for getting a bad seat (if you don’t check-in or show up to the airport in time). But I’ve always loved the carrier’s fun attitude (the flight attendants are often hilarious), the two free checked bags and no change fees.

However, it seems the airline has lost its way recently. It began two weeks ago and I wrote a post, Why You Shouldn’t Book Southwest or American Airlines This Holiday Season, addressing it. The post was about how Southwest canceled over a thousand flights and blamed the weather while no other airline nor the FAA said weather was a factor. Weather only played a small part in the problem when Jacksonville airport shut down for a short period. And yes, Southwest is a point-to-point airline so even a little hiccup could cause serious problems. Combine that with the fact that the airline aggressively tries to serve too many flights and cities, which also set them back. But no doubt, the main reason were staffing issues including some pilots calling in sick in retaliation for the federal vaccine mandate.

Even though the airline and their pilots union vehemently denied that was the cause, I know for a fact this definitely played a small part as I have pilot friends who are in a closed Facebook Group with other pilots who said that was the case. FYI: There’s also a push for unvaccinated pilots to stick together and call in sick November 8-11 but that’s a whole other story.

Now, the latest hiccup for Southwest is that one of their pilots on a Houston to Albuquerque flight Friday morning signed off his greeting over the public address system with the phrase, “Let’s go, Brandon.” There was an AP reporter on the flight and she said there were audible gasps from some passengers.

After reading multiple stories about this, I had to do some research since I didn’t know the meaning behind “Let’s go, Brandon.” Well it turns out, “Let’s go, Brandon” stands for “F—- Joe Biden.” According to the Associated Press: “It started at an Oct. 2 NASCAR race at the Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama. Brandon Brown, a 28-year-old driver, had won his first Xfinity Series and was being interviewed by an NBC Sports reporter. The crowd behind him was chanting something at first difficult to make out. The reporter suggested they were chanting “Let’s go, Brandon” to cheer the driver. But it became increasingly clear they were saying: “F—- Joe Biden.” NASCAR and NBC have since taken steps to limit “ambient crowd noise” during interviews, but it was too late — the phrase already had taken off.”

“Let’s go, Brandon” is definitely way better than actually saying “F—- Joe Biden” which I’ve seen on t-shirts and flags flying from houses (including one of my eccentric relatives) but I don’t care who is named. I would be offended if it read “F—- Donald Trump” and I really dislike the man.

But when pilots start pulling this nonsense and there are no repercussions, it’s not going to end well. Until Southwest (and American Airlines) deal with their pilots and the vaccine mandate, travel over the holidays isn’t going to be very merry. UPDATED: Southwest Investigating Pilot’s Anti-Biden Insult During Flight

Oh, and did I mention that, according to FlightAware.com, so far today (9:11am ET), Southwest has canceled 185 flights and American has canceled 670? To put that in perspective, United has canceled 10 flights and delayed 39 Delta 3. See screenshot below.

Yesterday (Oct 30): Southwest canceled 87 flights and delayed 745. American canceled 543 and delayed 432? To put that in perspective, United has canceled 18 flights and Delta Air Lines canceled 2, See screenshot below.

FYI: I will also probably still book LAX-JFK flights on AA since I have top tier elite status with them so getting free upgrades and knowing these flights are least likely to cancel outweigh the risks.

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  1. Anonymous|

    Waaa Waaa Waaa is all i hear.., i will continue to fly Southwest when i fly !!!

    1. Bea|

      In my way to fly Southwest now and agree this was the whiniest article ever ….

      1. Anonymous|

        Let’s go Brandon!

        1. Rob|

          This, except change Brandon for whatever your stupid name is, jackass

        2. Anonymous|

          Let’s go Brandon!

        3. Anonymous|

          Let’s Go, Southwest and American!

        4. Sandi Zielke|

          OMG! What a biased, ridiculously lame article! This guy shouldn’t be allowed to write-“professionally.” Wtf does him not liking TRUMP have to do with flight cancelations? It does explain his whiny attitude & tone!
          I will continue to take Southwest, & I’m proud they are standing UP for THEIR & ALL our rights! As Americans, some of us do NOT fare well with being ordered to take a vaccine, or anything else. . . .
          Hey Snowflake- ” Let’s go Brandon!!!”

          1. Icyslayergirl|

            Thank you Sandi!! I couldn’t have said it better!

            Let’s go Brandon!!!

      2. William H. Scholz|

        Let’s go Brandon

      3. Anonymous|

        Until your flight is affected…. I bet you will be whining your ass off then

    2. Oenn|

      How would you feel if your surgeon just before anesthesia hit you, said, I fucking hate sick people, and hate doing surgery. Would that bother you? A political opinion at work is unnecessary. Period. I think your feelings are hurt. And ain’t no hate like conservative hate.

      1. Some dude|

        That’s what they are trying to do, per Brandon, and big Pharma, FDA, etc etc etc. The list goes on and on.

        So yea, Let’s go Brandon, and all of those who support that paradigm.

      2. Charles|


        1. ally Jane|

          Please go to “Trump Socisl” site, for that kind of rhetoric since he unleashed the hate in America.

          1. Power to the People|

            Whatever. It was the democrats and all the bulls city riots while trump was in office that unleashed resentment and hate in America, as well as the need for Democrats to control the people not serve the people. I hope the last 9 months have woke up the majority of Americans to put a stop to it. Let’s Go Brandon!!!!!

          2. Paul Rodgers|

            You have short term selective memory disease called hypocrititis.

          3. AM|

            The division and hate started in 2008. The media is the problem.

      3. ally Jane|

        For those who are going Whaa whaa etc… haven’t flown lately.

        I’ll spare u the details, you deserve to experience them. Could the comment sections ppl be adults( lol.. sorry mature educated adults) stick to the subject in n threads & not extend comment sections to UR shitty comments when ppl R giving accurate info, like us who DO fly

      4. Rodley E Riffe|

        Mr leftist, your not very self aware of your party over the four Trump years. This one’s for you snowflake, “Let’s Go Brandon”, best race card thrower ever.

      5. Randy Shagger|

        You libtards wanna fight. Now you’re getting one. Back off or this will continue.

      6. Trump LOST 2020, 2024, 2028|

        Sad sacks of snowflakes. Imagine being so hurt over an election, you decide to fly with two airlines that cancel flights at a much higher rate than others. Pleeeease fly SWA and AA. Save us on Delta from your lunacy.

        1. Anonymous|

          What a whiney article. DUDE WAKE UP!!!!! These pilots, etc. are HEROES!!! LET’S GO BRANDON!!!

      7. Anonymous|

        Ain’t no hate like *liberal* hate.
        There. Fixed it for you.

      8. Joemama|

        Bad comparison, the doc is complaining about his job not that Biden really sucks.

    3. William H. Scholz|

      I hope no one pays this writer for this garbage. What a waste of time.

      1. Anonymous|


    4. Chi Eng Lim|

      Let’s go Brandon!

    5. FJB|

      SWA has the best frequent flier program hands down. So easy to use your miles, they never expire, no change fees, free bags, etc.

      And for this idiot writer all I have to say is: Let’s Go Brandon!

    6. freedom is a right|

      I will continue to support those who want the right to control what is injected into their bodies. Our ancestors gave their lives for us to be provided the right, yes the RIGHT to choose what is injected into our blood.

      Thank you to all service men and women who have lived after and those who have died while protecting that right for citizens of the United States of America as well as humans around the world.

  2. Anonymous|

    Let’s go Brandon!

    1. Anonymous|

      Now a travel site has to be political. Whatever! Why can’t airlines be truthful?

      1. Anonymous|

        This author needs to find a new job. Perhaps an activist for the Brandon administration’s wacko super-spending agenda.

        1. Helaine|

          Loved your comment. WakE’D up. Joe. Wake up, America.webe already lost what little freed we have left
          Go Southwest!

      2. Paul Rodgers|

        Because the feds got their stinking fingers in every crevice. Or haven’t you noticed the hail Cesar fine print on all the wall paper, toilet paper, elementary school paper, the labels on your electric plugs paper. In soon to be 20 languages I might add.

    2. Joe|


      1. Anonymous|

        Let’s gooooo Brandon

    3. Oenn|

      Professional courtesy and altruism are dead.

      1. Paul Rodgers|

        It coincides with federal over reach.

  3. Kathryn Hoffman|

    I’ll have to resurrect my United points credit card Instead of totally using my southwest card. As the Donald would say”sad”.

  4. Anonymous|

    I find it amazing that we can have professional athletes express their political views during their “work” time, but it’s not alright for anyone else to do the same. Look, part of being an American is the right to voice your own opinion and to protest peacefully, BUT it should be done on your time, not the employers or the participants.

    1. freedom is a right|

      And if it is we each have the choice to choose a different vendor of the goods or services we want. I have followed NFL for 40 years. Not anymore. If you don’t like what the SWA pilot did then book on another airline. Simple. Personally I have been with SWA for the better part of 2 decades and will continue to spend my money with them and support anyone who wants to be in control of what is injected into their blood.

  5. Richard l bonilla|

    f pedo joe. ” let’s go brandon”

    1. BidenFan|

      Let’s go Richard! ?‍♀️

      1. Anonymous|

        Let’s go, Brandon!

      2. Just me|

        Are you serious or just pwning the libs? FYI, it’s not working.

    2. Oenn|


  6. Anthony|

    I would have cheered the pilot.

    1. BidenFan|

      Let’s go Anthony! ?‍♀️

    2. Anonymous|

      Me, too!

    3. Oenn|

      And that makes you a nonhuman unprofessional ahole.

      1. John|

        First step to extermination atrocities: Dehumanizing the target group. Congrats Adolf

      2. Some guy|

        Let’s go Brandon

      3. Joe pool|

        Oenn, shut the F up yourself. Go cash uncle pedo’s welfare check. I’m sure you don’t have a real job.

    4. Don't worry about It|

      You must be Racist and a Liar and a Thief just like that idiot Donald the Liar cry Baby Trump oh I lost they must have cheated what a looser he lost fear and square he you all sound like the cry babies when I was growing up it’s my ball I have to win or I am taking my toy you people were looking for another Hitler too bad so sad think about what happened at the Capital Hitler Followers What you wish you could say isHeil Hitler Trump never gonna happen find an island and spew your hate there. Cry baby Looser!!!!! He lost yeah he lost!!!

  7. Nancy Doyle|

    I am quite surprised that you did not know the meaning of “Let’s go Brandon”. It must be because you are living in your woke California, once a state that I adored. No more! I wish you would keep politics out of your articles. It was not necessary for you to give us your opinion of President Trump. Our country was much better off under the leadership of President Trump than it is now under the corrupt, inept and demented Joe Biden. I guess paying $7.00 a gallon for gas does not phase you. Well it bothers me and most hard working Americans.
    I have eliminated all forms of progressivism from my life and I am adding you to the list!

    “Let’s go Brandon”.

    1. BidenFan|

      Let’s go Nancy! ?‍♀️

    2. Oenn|

      No. A hating cheating tax fraud if a leader. Just no. He is personally responsible for at least 500,000 deaths in the USA. As a ICURN, I cringe at your comment.

      1. No|

        Lol “personally responsible”

        1. Tina|


      2. SPQR|

        Personally responsible? You are simply insane. There is nothing rational about your ludicrous comment.

      3. Night flight|

        Exactly, bravo to your medical service work, & stating the numerical fact of how past Admin literally caused 100’s k’s excess deaths by not doing what most countries did which was closing the borders immediately & test and trace. Utterly either inept or such an extreme frothing machismo that risking beyond the original 200k dead projected, is literally what the T admin did, KNOWINGLY! Well guess what, there’s a social price that ppl who continue to support T will pay, cuz many of us lost our older wisest closest friends and even not older.

        1. Jungle|

          More people have from Covid under Bidens watch than when Trump was POTUS
          Let’s Go Brandon

      4. freedom is a right|

        Typical liberal. Full of facts and vocabulary that are false. In what world does the land of the free involve unwilfully injecting someone’s blood stream with a foreign liquid, let alone a liquid that is not approved by the FDA?

        It’s time to be brave and stand up against Brandon, Harass, Grewsome, Pill poppen Pose, the notorious AOC, and the rest of the new world order progressivism.

        It’s time to just support the ones you align with.

        Thank you SWA pilots for saying NO.

    3. Your Mom|

      No one gives a flip about you or your degenerate politics Nancy. Or maybe your a Karen!

    4. Helaine|

      Yes!!!! Right on, Nancy.

    5. Lynnette|

      How do you eliminate progressivism from your life? Very interesting concept, how does that manifest?

    6. Joe pool|

      No,THANK YOU Nancy. Let’s go, bidenfan!!

  8. Anonymous|

    Let’s go Brandon!!

    1. Oenn|

      Let’s go altruism. Care for others. Not hate. His about that? Selfishness will ruin America.

  9. RanRan|

    An honest article about actual pilots creating havoc by protesting federal mandated healthcare to protect themselves and their clients, the passengers.
    I find it offensive that employees fight for political causes in their positions. Their job isn’t political but the health of their customers and fellow coworkers is essential.
    Do as Reagan did with the air traffic controllers. Good riddance.

    1. Legerde|

      I find it offensive that you are so afraid (or unhealthy) that you think others are responsible for your health. Its pure evil to coerce and ignore consent.

      1. Oenn|

        Offeneded by altruism. Humans are doomed.

      2. Just me|

        Yes, we’re all responsible for public health.

      3. Old Papa|


    2. DubbaU|

      After further investigation it was determined that the co-pilot’s name is Brendan. The AP reporter misheard the pilot. SWA has closed the investigation. Have a great day and God bless America.

      1. Helaine|


    3. Just me|

      Amen. Fire them all.

    4. Hictor Vastings|

      Here’s some helpful information:

      A lot of commercial pilots are ex-military and don’t respond to mandates the way snowflakes do.

      Commercial pilots are not government employees, as were the air traffic controllers. So Joe Brandon can’t fire them arbitrarily. And if he could, and did, the commercial aviation industry would collapse.

      So yeah, keep playing the Great and Powerful Oz.

      1. Just Sayin|

        Military by definition accept mandates as part of their training and service…
        You know “follow orders”.

      2. Helaine|

        Precious! Thank you Victor.

    5. Night flight|

      Exactly!!! These pilots need severe pay docking or firing. This is a safety issue when so many flights are delayed and cancelled. The American male is the pettiest, most entitled & least informed/educated species in the developed world. & yes I’m one & I can attest to that.

      1. Anonymous|

        What part of it is a safety issue?

    6. Jungle|

      It has been shown vaxed people can get sick and spread Covid at the same rates ad the Unvaxed so mandates make no sense

  10. Raul|

    “Let’s go Brandon!”

    1. Oenn|

      Let’s go altruism. Help, don’t hurt.

  11. Bob|

    “For the record”. Let’s go Brandon!
    Another great SWA crew.
    A Fox reporter I know was on the flight and said there was “audible” cheers.

    1. Anonymous|

      This is another false fact! There was an AP reporter on flight not Fox reporter. No more lies. The pilots job is to fly his passengers to their destination. SWA airlines has some work to do to gain passengers trust again!!!

    2. Oenn|

      Which means humanity is doomed. Hate breeds hate.

  12. Barbara|

    I will support SWA all day long.

  13. Anonymous|

    You honestly didn’t know the meaning of “Let’s Go Brandon”? Coming from such a well traveled fella, that’s hard to believe! Maybe you felt compelled to “educate” others! Get over yourself! I frankly stand behind these pilots and anyone else that stands for freedom! They have a right to chose, as do you, so fly United!

    1. Oenn|

      So standing with unprofessionalism and hate. Woooop woop! Oi vey.

  14. LisaPizza|

    I really hope that pilot gets grounded. Unacceptable. I wouldn’t have felt safe on that flight. I’m done with Southwest.

    1. Anonymous|

      You wouldn’t feel safe !!! Do you think his/her training is any different from others flying aircraft. That is a totally stupid comment.

      1. Oenn|

        Workplace is no place for hate. Keeping your opinions to yourself while at work is nothing new. You are there to serve. Not preach.

        1. Joe pool|

          Penn, NFL is all about seperating races in the workplace. Say something about that LIBTARD.

    2. Mike|

      Yeah, see, you’re exactly what’s wrong with this country today. “You wouldn’t feel safe?” Are you kidding me? How weak and pathetic is your life that you feel threatened by that comment. Geezus.

      1. Oenn|

        Weak is being a weeny that won’t get a vaccine. That cares for others. Doing the right thing is strong. Not weak.

    3. Anonymous|

      Typical chicken excrement liberal

  15. DC|

    I agree! Let’s Go Brandon. I’m on my way to a Southwest flight right now, thank you. I love Southwest! Don’t need to hear you state that you didn’t care for our last President. Whine, whine. About finished with this site.

    1. Oenn|

      Loving hate doesn’t make you a better person. It makes you a hater. And a snowflake.

    2. Dick|

      Brandon has herpes.

  16. Dana Artiles|

    Good for these airlines and pilots! Celebrities and athletes should not be the only ones with a voice.

    1. Oenn|

      Athletes are protesting killings. Not being a weak non science hating snowflake. Who won’t abide by work required vaccines. HUGE difference.

  17. Tara|

    I’ve only flown SWA for years. Now I’m even more loyal. Let’s go Brandon!

    1. Oenn|

      Poor thing. Sore loser.

  18. anonymous|

    Well said, Johnny Jet. I agree.

  19. SoWrong|

    You and Your buddies haven’t a clue what happened with the cancellations … Just Sayin

    1. Oenn|

      As an ICU Nurse, I heartily disagree with your misinformation. Vaccines save lives. Pilots are required to get at least 12 other vaccines as a work required health mandate. More if international travel is required. This political opinion has spilled over into health issues. Sad but true.

      1. Tina|

        Ok Being a nurse you should know what a Vaccine is :. All the other vaccines the pilots get keep you from getting the said illness , this shot my dear doesn’t keep you from getting sick so stop calling it a vaccine . It is not. Look up the definition in a real dictionary not google .

        1. Janeen|

          Tina, seeing someone lecture a RN on what a vaccine is made me laugh out loud. Vaccines do not always prevent illness. Why do you think so many get the flu every year? They all have varying degrees of efficacy. You can get covid while vaccinated, but it is not common, and those who do for the most part get milder cases and are less likely to spread it because their viral loads are lighter. I am a RN also. Part of my job is patient teaching. You people with your google university degrees are the bane of our lives. Be well, wear a mask.

          1. Night flight|

            Thanks for your nursing service. And thx for putting the b.s dangerous misinformation in its place. These frothing ppl really are rapidly becoming the bane of normal ppls existence, and may soon be a threat to it. It’s not that far from potentially becoming effectively bioterrorism. (& in several foreseeable situations can be legally defined as such)

            A lot of us are going to put our feet down, BEFORE a potentially worse variant spreads.

          2. Carol|

            A voice of sanity. Thank you.

          3. Tif|

            Being on top of the latest studies, even by the CDC themselves from Massachusetts, isn’t part of your job description, but if you’re going to act like you know the latest science (which actually prompted the current wearing of masks for all), then you should. With Delta, they learned MONTHS AGO that viral load is the same with vac’d and unvac’d when infected. Also, scarily, the vac’d unknowingly spread (including to the vac’d since these vacs aren’t neutralizing), and the difference in transmission is minimal between vac’d and unvac’d. Don’t believe me? Here’s BBC’s drivel, which I imagine you’ll trust. I truly find their conclusion laughable, given the information: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/health-59077036.amp
            Also, please check how Ireland is doing with their being Europe’s darling with over 90% vac rate… It’s not boding them well. Also, see Israel. Truly, it’s time to read studies for yourselves, not the propaganda making the rich richer. Forget the politics, left or right, and respect one another’s right to choose what’s right for them, just as you’ve been given that right and have chosen the best option known to you, which I fully support. We each have different risks, as our bodies, situations, knowledge, etc. are completely different. To each their own. We need to trust each other. There are other proven scientific options for prevention and treatment. The silly rhetoric of pro and anti-science is damaging.
            Big pharma is not responsible for vac injuries, and people are not being cared for who are hurt. Where there is risk, each person deserves choice always. We each get ONE LIFE, ONE BODY to sustain us.

  20. Randy|

    The pilots comment was entirely appropriate and understandable considering the grief Biden has heaped upon the pilots and stews with the mandate. Vaccine does not stop you from getting Covid, your viral load is much higher, and you are more likely to die from the vaccine than dying from Covid.

    1. UApilot|

      Not, not, not, and not. What a crazy upsidedown fantasy world you live in, Randy. Every single thing in your comment is the opposite of the facts. And btw, the earth isn’t flat, either.

    2. Meghan Smith|

      I work in a hospital and have had more unvaccinated die from COVID and have yet to see anyone die from getting the vaccine alone. But I understand that I’m wasting my breath and time on you and others like you. Hopefully others will be a little wiser by just using common sense. ?

    3. Oenn|

      As an ICU RN, I disagree with your opinion. I call BS.

    4. PriscillaF|

      Randy, I’m far from liberal, I probably would have laughed at the Lets Go Brandon comment but I am 100% provax. Please provide your sources for the COVID vaccination killing hundreds of thousands of people in this country.

    5. Anonymous|

      Please cite your sources. This is complete and utter nonsense. Stop spreading misinformation. The vaccine saves lives. Unvaccinated people are much more likely to be hospitalized and have higher mortality rates. Y’all need science.

  21. RT Fidler|

    Talk about whiners!!!!
    You LOST the election and your still whining.
    Get over it and support democracy
    ..or move to Russia. This is the type of “government” you seem to want.

    1. Oenn|

      I moved to Costa Rica. I love it here. Masks, vaccines, universal healthcare, and less than 6,000 deaths. Its bliss.

  22. SL|

    Totally unprofessional

    1. Oenn|


  23. Babe Ruth|

    The woke are dying a slow and painful death with all this negative BS ??

    1. Oenn|

      And red states are killing their own voters. Let’s go COVID!!

  24. Anonymous|

    I will fly southwest and American again..Im glad they are making a stand on this..For people who have the vaccine that’s good..and those who don’t want the vaccine keep standing up for your choice..No person should have to inject something into their body if they don’t want too..

    1. Oenn|

      I wouldn’t want to be forced into a cockpit with a non science believing moron.

      1. Night flight|

        Exacto!!! Nor would I want to be in the cabin. These are the same brain types that when weary will be overconfident and trust their instincts over the flight control indicators, and crash. Or have personality /communication problems with others, and that leads to crashes.

    2. Oenn|

      Get another job if one can’t meet the required perimeter. Job creators! Let’s go job creator!

    3. FDJT|

      There’s a lot of people at both airlines who don’t stand alongside their whiny American Taliban (aka Republican) douche bag colleagues who can’t figure anything besides what the right wing news tells them. Really hope covid wipes out more of you morons.

  25. Florida Phil|

    Leftists just can’t help injecting their commentary into unrelated articles. But yeah, since you raised it. F**k Joe Biden. He’s a disaster. How are those gas prices out in California, eh Johnny? Is that Trump’s fault too….? You really must be prepared to pay the price for not seeing a few mean tweets.

    1. Oenn|

      And why must a “professional” spout and preach to others during work hours?

  26. CB|

    Sounds like you are one of the elitist travel gurus who spend their time gathering perks by pimping various travel related companies, etc.

    Perhaps you should spend more time traveling coach like the rest of the free world. Then at least you’d know what Brandon refers to. It’s difficult taking advice from a high class elitist who is compensated in one form or another for his advice and recommendations.

    1. Oenn|

      All Fox talking points. Hmmmmm

  27. Murphy|

    Let’s go Brandon!

  28. Murphy|

    Let’s go Brandon!!

  29. C. R. Culp|

    The low information crazies are in the cockpit at Southwest Airlines. Good grief. We are going back to 1877!
    Pilots can be ignorant, too.

  30. Fhockey|

    The truth hurts! The pretender is a failure and the MSM can no longer hid it!

  31. Nancy|

    Never flown them and now most definitely will not! I expect my pilots to be professional as my life is in their hands. Good to know that Southwest condones this behavior. Makes my choice that much easier. PS. My brother works for this POS airlines.

  32. JW|

    Maybe the 5% of pilots making a stink over getting a vaccine should quit watching Fox News & take a high school level science course.

    1. Tif|
  33. Mary Vigil|

    F** Joe Biden was a chant at every single sporting event for 3 months (in Europe as well) before the silly reporter translated it to “Let’s Go Brandon.” Have you not seen the number one iTunes and YouTube song by the same name? It is playing nonstop! As a journalist, I would’ve thought you would be more aware of current events. The Brandon chant is my preference, as it means the same thing, but in a cleaned up version, suitable for children’s ears. If NBA players can openly demonstrate their political beliefs, I see no reason why pilots cannot do the same.

  34. Kam|

    So Johnny, you’ve been called out by at least any reader who cares to comment. Sounds like, “Let’s Go JJ” to me- no one believes you didn’t know what the rest of the world already does about the cheer.

    We’re all glad you hated Trump. Where was your faux outrage when your class actually said the real words against him time and again.

    Stick to useful articles on routes, points, miles, travel. Not your political rants.

    You know what America thinks: “. “

  35. Op|

    I just lost 3 minutes of my life

  36. S|

    What a whiny little “airlines must force those evil conservative pilots into line” totalitarian article! C’mon man!
    Let’s go Brandon!

    1. Anonymous|

      Let’s go, Brandon!

  37. FreedomMatters|

    The airlines should allow these pilots to make their own health decisions. I support the pilots 100%.

  38. Russ Cole|

    Let’s go Brandon!!

    Last time I read this Crap… Johnny Jet you lost a reader!!

    1. Anonymous|

      Johnny Jet is a woke, library writer. Let’s go Brandon!

  39. Joe|

    Let’s Go Anthony!

  40. Anonymous|

    Southwest, Trump and white trash were made for each other. The only airline with a trashier clientele is Spirit. I wouldn’t fly on either airline, even with a free ticket.

  41. Ally|

    What a pathetic, whiny, stupid article. I hope you get fired. Let’s go Brandon, and MAGA!!!!

  42. Sherri|

    JJ you never learn. After losing most of your advertisers due to covid and being scared to travel, you would think you would stay neutral on the political stuff. But indeed it seems you have lost touch with why we all liked your travel site. Once again you bring in your political California b.s. attitude to your article and turn off a bunch of us. If you want to whine, try starting off with the the gas prices, all the tankers off the coast, and the increasing cost of groceries your beloved Biden seems oblivious to. Most of us won’t be able to travel because we can’t afford the price of just living. Let’s go Brandon!

  43. Voice of Reason|

    I have no interest in the political opinions of pilots during work hours and if an airline does not stop pilots from expressing them over loudspeakers, I would assume that pilot speaks for the airline. And I’d move my business accordingly.

    As for gas prices, it is certainly convenient politically to pretend that gas prices are not a function of a global market experiencing once in a lifetime shortages due to pandemic-related supply chain disruptions, but that doesn’t add anything to the discussion other than reveal one’s own lack of awareness and knowledge.

    And as for the “Let’s Go Brandon” chant, that’s just another sign of how low we have fallen in our public discourse and what we are teaching our children is appropriate behavior in a pluralistic society.

    1. Rk|

      Thank you.

      And further.

      Pilots don’t get to choose to take vaccines. Not if they want to work for an airline. They have to take a dozen vaccines to keep their Jobs and more if they fly international. The fact that they are making a stink about this particular vaccine has zero to do with their concerns about a vaccine that is approved the same as all the others they have to take. . This is politics. Now whether a pilot can say what they want on a plane over a speaker is a different story. If I stood up and started singing my opinions on a plane I would be asked to stop and if I didn’t stop I would be asked to leave. There is no “right” to express opinions like that. Because a pilot has a captive audience and a loudspeaker doesn’t make him or her more important or “allowed” to say shit. I don’t care what those opinions are stuck to take if care of my safety and comfort. When he uses that forum, I agree that he is asking for the airline. Or should be anyway.

    2. Night flight|

      Indeedy, thx for talking sense.

  44. Mike S|


  45. SomeCOdude|

    Biden voter but he’s too conventional corporate Democrat for me. “Let’s go Brandon!” is funny when you know the context. Politicians should be mocked.

    I like Southwest. The only reason I will avoid them for awhile is the mass cancellations. I’m not a big fan of lining up and shyly asking people if I am in the right place but I do like their attitude. I also don’t like hoping there’s enough overhead because everyone is avoiding baggage fees.

  46. Janet|

    Perhaps if he wasn’t being so painfully manipulated and issuing ridiculous mandates that are clearly proven ineffective, and totally against what America stands for, people would not take some satisfaction in saying Let’s Go Brandon!

  47. Kevin|

    Wow another leftist journalist? Golly we can bash the right all the live long day however when the people speak “Lets Go Brandon” we have to try and silence them. Johnny Jet, do you have to go through some sort of leftist writing class before you are able to publish anything?

  48. Brandon|

    Let’s go Brandon lol

  49. BB|

    Sorry folks, but using a stupid slogan, putting a moron on pedestals, waving an American flag, and making everything about the left and the right will not eliminate his stupidity or change who you indeed are. Sadly, your deeds will not make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. So, I encourage you people to give Trump your money, buy TRUTH Social stocks, and worship your mentor. You see, it’s like masturbation. It may feel good, but it has no value. Methinks

    1. Night flight|

      Bravo, absolutely nailed it!

  50. Anonymous|


  51. Michael J|

    You lost me when you said there were “gasps” through out the plane.. another reason why reporters and mass media are not to be trusted, you call it creative reporting, just lies.

  52. Ed G.|

    LET’S GO BRANDON! #FJB. Pathetic leftist “journalist”….go find an honest job because you suck at this one!

  53. Yolanda|

    This is JohnnyJets’ newsletter and he can write on it whatever he likes, and if anyone else doesn’t like it, they can read something else. Simple!

  54. Brandoner|

    Well it seems people get butt hurt when comments about their current beloved leader are derogatory. Same as the last administration. I guess if can’t get along we will just have to get used to it.

  55. Chris|

    Let’s go Brandon!

  56. Boy|

    Listen to your master.

  57. Jeff Cacy|

    Yours is wise counsel my friend. I aggressively book away from American. Employees unhappy and taking it out on customers! Truly sad! If they go down the tubes, they’ll have themselves to thanks. As for Southwest, no thanks.

  58. Marie099|

    Common sense and respect means that every person should decide for themselves whether or not they want a vaccine.
    This shouldn’t even be a debate.
    Freedom means allowing others the opportunity to choose for themselves.
    Forcing your will on others is the hallmark of a dictatorship, which is what everyone accused the last administration of while denying that this administration is doing the same.
    Both Democrats and Republicans are guilty of this but the blindly loyal don’t want to hear that.
    There is no personal accountability in this society anymore.
    Thanks to social media, even breathing can be considered offensive, and being a whiny tyrant who berates others for not being like them or believing in the same things as they do is nothing short of a witch trial.

    All people should be responsible for themselves, no one is allowed to force their ideals, preferences or religious beliefs on others.

    Work is about work, not being a sjw or political pundit.
    You aren’t being paid to come in and vent your frustrations with the state your political party or the latest happenings on faceplant.
    That’s something a vast majority of us would either get a serious reprimand for or we would be outright fired, especially if it happened repeatedly.

    Do I believe in science? Yes, I do.
    Do I trust a vaccine/vaccines that were rushed onto the market without the proper amount of time for testing while there were two emerging variants that they may very well do nothing against? No.

    I want to see long term data on the vaccines and their rate of effectiveness and whether or not it drops and if it’s effectiveness does drop, by how much percentage wise.
    I’m not rushing out to get jabbed only to turn around and have to go for boosters ever 2-3 months because a vaccines rate of effectiveness is only 60% or so at that point.
    I’m also unwilling to put my body through the stress of an allergic reaction just so someone else can feel good.
    Do I go out in public? Yes.
    Do I take precautions? Yes, both mask and nitrile gloves as well as hand sanitizer at the ready.
    Do I go to parties or to hang out with people? No.
    Do I allow people to come hang out at my home? No.
    No hanging out, bars, parties, or anything with more than three other people.
    Large groups of reckless, people with less than adequate hygiene and an overwhelming need to rub up against every other living soul without proper precation is how the first and second waves of covid spread in the first place.
    Besides the fact that people are nasty i.e. don’t wash their hands, cover face when coughing/sneezing, insisting on taking the entire family to the ER when only one member is I’ll, etc.
    And somehow a small piece of fabric touching someone’s face offends them to their moral core, even the vaccinated are throwing their privilege around there by saying that they shouldn’t have to wear masks just because they got vaccinated.
    Some people are confused as to the difference between vaccination and immunization.
    Vaccination is where you are given a vaccine that will help trigger your body’s immune system to respond to a virus.
    Immunization means you have been made immune or are naturally immune to a disease/virus and/or your body produces the antibodies to fight the disease/virus off on its own efficiently.
    People think they have immunization when all they got was vaccination.
    More study is required on the vaccines before they are definitively championed.

    1. Rocket Robin|

      Lol brainwashed u have no common sense these same ppl telling u all these don’t follow the rules from.wearing mask to coughing in hand and shaking hand BUT that does not matter coz CNN did not have outrage

  59. Frequent SWFlier|

    Wah, after four years of bashing Trump, now no one is allowed to voice their displeasure with the current administration. As a frequent SW Flier, I wish I was on that flight. Would have made me feel very safe and smiled all the way to the next airport.

  60. Dkmy|

    Liberals want “Their body their choice” and kill millions of unborn children but ok with forcing a mandate?

  61. Jazmin|

    I think liberals more or less invented “hate speech” and now hate any speech is directed against their causes…

  62. Not brandon|

    Let’s go brandon!

  63. Dawayne d.|

    Ban NBC , not Southwest .
    Political article , Southwest is the best

  64. Billy Ray Turgeon|

    How dumb can a nation get and still survive? These T* fans have hit rock bottom and started to dig.

  65. Cathy|

    What’s really distressing…is the way someone in first class punches not once but twice… a woman in the face breaking bones in her afce and nose and no one thinks that this all plays into cancelled flights….people working in the airline industry are not safe with all the anger and hate being displayed….ID call in SICK too…if it were ME.

    1. Night flight|

      Bravo, totally agree, but that’s definitely not what the mass cancellations have been about. It’s very obvious who the whiney ppl are, ie pilots who are feeling very entitled and aren’t thinking straight, seriously so. Not good for piloting, not good for first responders. Hell no!
      Fire them, duh.

  66. Billy|

    We fired all our no vaxhole’s, we have no problems !!!!

  67. Frank|

    So glad to see everyone calling out JJ for being the liberal idiot he is!
    He is beholden to all his liberal celebrities! Can’t believe you did not know what “let’s go Brandon” meant and you really think that imposter in the white really won the election? You must think we are all stupid.

    Hooray for the pilots and everyone else who is standing up for their Constutional rights! It’s totally against our first amendment right and There is not a federal mandate for the poisonous vaccine. Our bodies, our choice. How come you lefties don’t respect that? Does that only apply to killing babies?
    Let’s go Brandon! Go Trump!

  68. Frank|

    Come on JJ you really didn’t know what “let’s go Brandon” means? Of course you bought the big lie that that imposter occupying the White House actually won an election! You seem to have so much hate for our president Trump that did so much good for our country. Shame on you!

    Hooray for the pilots and everyone else who stands up for our first amendment rights. There is no federal mandate for this poisonous vaccine. They are all gaslighting you into believing that you have to have it. It’s unconstitutional and it won’t stand. I applaud everyone that’s protesting. What happened to our bodies our choice or does that only apply to killing babies?
    “Let’s go Brandon “! Decertify the fraudulent election. Go Donald Trump!

  69. Wilfred Davis|

    I love Southwest let’s just get off his b blog

  70. Wilfred Davis|

    I love Southwest no problem at all let’s just get off his blog

  71. Omelan Perchatsch|

    I like that Brandon chant, it’s catchy

  72. Omelan Perchatsch|

    Liberals created Brandon. Thank you

  73. Del|

    I see the problem, based on these comments. It is OK to use code words that basically are obscene Now I know why so many people can’t go five seconds without using the F word. I hope you all feel good about yourselves.

  74. Patriot|

    Relax snowflake
    Let’s go brandon!!

  75. A. Resigning Gov't Employee|

    Love is BLM, Antifa, burning down police precincts and defunding the police. Love is leaving American citizens in Afghanistan to be beheaded by the Taliban, treating our first responders as dirty because they will not take mRNA gene altering therapy when they saved your ass for 18 months of pandemic. Love is accepting all illegal alien rapists and murderers through free-flowing borders and not requiring them to vaccinate, but making it impossible for U.S. citizens to make a livelihood without a “vaccination”. It is conservatives that hate others right? Wait for it…..total and complete economic collapse headed your way. No food on the shelves. Gas at $7 a gallon. Commodity inflation and taxes costing your family $500 more a month. This is true liberal love. Accept it, don’t fight it. We all need to be more accepting of eachother right? This will be your last snowflake utopian thought as an illegal alien is murdering your entire family and taking everything you have without a second thought. Maybe the angry orange man and his wall were not such a bad idea. LET’S GO BRANDON!!

  76. Brandon|

    They’ve been hacked. That’s all I’ll say.

  77. Katlyn W|

    Let’s Go Brandon!

  78. Vince Sperrazza|

    30 year retiree from AA.
    Stop crying. These are humans flexing what little power they have over Government tyranny.
    I applaud them and shame on you

    1. Anonymous|


  79. Louise Joss|

    The problem with Mr Trump is quite simple. It doesn’t take a psychiatrist to realize he not only has extremely serious mental health problems but is obviously unpresidential and unpatriotic. It is extremely dangerous for our wonderful country to have him in the White House.

  80. Lesko Brandin|

    You are reporter and you had no idea what “Lets go Brandon” means? I call BS on that 100%. You state how people shouldn’t fly Southwest or American but you say you are still going to fly American because you had eflite status that sounds you should be a politician. This country is in a freefall over the last 8 months and all i can say is “vamos Brandon”.

  81. Jonathan Erber|

    Biden is proactively trying to destroy America. Or should I say, whoever is behind Joe Biden running his puppet mouth is trying to destroy America. Probably Obama and his cronies.

    Let’s Go Brandon!

  82. Atlas Flowers|

    Haha. I love reading the comments from all the hillbilly pea-brain Trump supporters who are probably the only group to most likely fly on these fourth tier crappy airlines. As usual, they vote against their own interests. They have lousy jobs, make minimum wage and hate others who have more than them. They go through life angry and sad and think by yelling Brandon they’re striking back. L.MAO.

  83. Ray|

    No one talks about herd immunity anymore. We have it. The mandates are only there to hide the real issues. The millions waking across the borders, the Americans left in Afghanistan, the prices of everything going up because of a terrible administration. China and Russia dominating the world stage. The disaster curriculum that’s being taught in schools, I can go on and on. So why not do something so outrageous that it will take the focus off of that? So when they tell people to put something in your body that no one can tell you what the long term affects are, and some people don’t want to at this time. They rather wait a while, don’t mind being tested weekly, well they say, ABSOLUTELY NOT. don’t worry about future health issues. It’s like when the say ” you have to sign the bill to know what’s in it” its stupid! So now, they are allowing the firefighters, police, nurses, doctors and others, who in the hight of the Pandemic were at work, saving lives for an agenda. I too work for an airline. We flew during the hight of the Pandemic. But we will not let this administration dictate what to put in our bodies. Its only the beginning. These mandates are the beginning of the loss of freedom in this country. Ones they get this,, it will never stop.. So let’s see what happens when traveling for Thanksgiving and Christmas is canceled! Then that will also dominate the headlines hiding the real issues we face

  84. Rob|

    Why are you even going into political commentary about this Brandon stuff? I started to read your article about SW and AA then you stray into this crap. I always liked you Johnny and also liked your guest appearances on TWIT but now you have turned into Johnny the jerk. Stay on subject when you pick a topic you idiot. You ruined your followers enjoyment when reading your articles and also your reputation. Way to go Johnny jerk !

  85. Umptray Ostlay|

    ::::::NEWS FLASH:::::: TRUMP LOST.
    (several times if you count all the recounts.)

  86. Anonymous|

    Trump Lost.

  87. Anonymous|

    My God. You all call us ‘snowflakes’ but all I see here is a bunch of grown-ass people crying and whining because someone was mean to donald trump. who would steal the pennies from his own mother’s eyes if he had the chance. Funny how the ‘fuck your feelings’ crowd sure has a lot of them LOLOL

  88. John Doe|

    Let’s go Brandon! Standing with those who want medical choice.

  89. Paul Rodgers|

    So Trump lost means you’ll bend over for Biden? What happened to independent thinking for yourself? Do you need a federal mandate / make a another rule to plan your life? Reread some old important documents once in while and find out why you get to choose which airline you want to fly on. While there is still a choice.

  90. Jim|

    JJ, please do us & yourself a favor! Stick to points & delays. You were not on the flight and your write up just spreads more trash that’s not required to inform us about real travel stuff.
    Keep it on the tarmac.

  91. Bill Wilson|

    Seems this page has found the uneducated Republicans. I don’t fly Southwest because it’s always been likely for delays and it is no longer inexpensive enough to off set the mutiple issues of delays and buffet seating. Not to mention the quality of people you are traveling with evident here. American however operates some of the oldest aircraft in service and I do fly them on a few routes but check the aircraft type first. At least they have first class eliminating the need to sit with people who would not be allowed to work at my country club. Much less be a member. If that sounds elitist I don’t really care. While these others call people snowflakes. I guarentee they would not say this to me. I’m 6’2″ 240 and swim two miles a day. Educated and very well off young hot wife. As well as a Veteran. Don’t really care for Biden much but can’t stand a lying cheating imbecile like Trump. The snowflakes around this country are his supporters. Where only in groups are they not cowards who work at crappy jobs and act like the racist trash they are.

  92. Anonymous|

    F*** Southwest, American, and all this bulls***. Welcome to the Divided States of America. Unbelievable!

  93. KT|

    As soon as I read the fact that Johnnyjet didn’t care for Trump I knew the thin skinned snowflakes would throw a huge hissy fit. You all never disappoint, LMAO!! You people act like your Mommy just told you you couldn’t have any ice cream.

  94. Paiolin|

    Just an FYI for everyone.. the fact that some pilots are complaining about the vaccine mandate doesn’t mean all of them do. Neither Southwest nor American airlines stand with Trump or Biden just because some are complaining, I know, I work in one of them so people really shouldn’t generalize at all. And if you really don’t trust the media then you shouldn’t believe everything you hear or see…

  95. Anonymous|

    CRAP, someone needs to reread the article. This gentleman is not, NOT supporting the mandate, he is explaining why things go wrong when the government tells people what to do. I, personally, thank you, as I work for one of the above mentioned aairlines and not partaking the vaccine. Many jobs are on the line, not to mention, severe health issues…irreversible health issues. Again, I THANK YOU!

  96. PY|

    I look forward to the day when these unvaccinated folks get fired for not complying with the company rules and requirements. As a pilot, your not supposed to show up drunk for work……oh, is that taking away your civil liberties!!!! Airline are private companies and get to set their standards……If the standards don’t meet your liking, get a different job.

    1. freedom is a right|

      If it was up to SWA they would not mandate vaccines. That the problem. Or have you progressed so far you missed that critical point. Since when does a government have the right to mandate injecting my blood with a foreign liquid?

      That’s the problem. I don’t have a problem if you want to get vaccinated why do you have a problem if I don’t want to?

      Showing up drunk to fly a plane is exactly the same thing as not wanting to get vaccinated. That’s your logic? An in ability to operate equipment is equal to not wanting a vaccine? Now that’s progressive.

      You think people should get fired for demanding a freedom of choice? Then fire all the NFL, MLB, NBA, PGA, LPGA, etc… People who take knees, and choose other forms of expressing their views/support.

      When did we become the land of the dictated and home of the brainless?

  97. mike fitzpatrick|

    Seriously do not care how many lose their jobs for deciding not to get vaccinated. Really, really do not care. F around and find out, right MAGAs?

  98. Kevin|

    Regardless of left or right (although our fearless article does tip his hand that he on the left…LAME), regardless of that choice, it is my opinion that either side is NOT the issue. It is the oligarchy of cronies we have running our government into the ground. BOTH SIDES.. We need leaders that can lead and not read from card (current idiot) and we need leasers that dont yell at everyone making it permissive (previous orange idiot). That said, I wish our journalists would fairly describe both sides.

  99. mike fitzpatrick|

    maybe time for these chuds to get vax’d, huh? They can get vax’d or lose their jobs, just like the 17 vax’s required for military service – but now the little whiners need someone to complain about. These little whiney clowns can lose their jobs for all anyone cares. There are still furloughed pilots who will take their place. It’s a 737 fercrissakes, the most most checked-out plane around. . . enjoy unemployment MAGAs!

  100. jen|

    I hate southwest never again will I fly them. cheap cheap no advanced seats planes are old,no cocktails or real food. Even my 13 year old hates them. lol

    1. freedom is a right|

      Then what their pilots say and do is of no interest to you.

      Let’s go Brandon!

  101. Sid the snake|

    Interesting how so many pro-trump commenters here struggle with basic grammar. Poorly-educated people being misled by the billionaires like Trump…

    1. Rocket Robin|

      Let’s go Brandon

  102. S. Weiser|

    Southwest must make a concerted effort to prove its worth to the flying public. Minimize conflict; maximize teamwork and emphasize mutual respect and cooperation. There’s adverse groups currently working to divide and conquer all the western democracies. Those adverse elements are continuously provoking the people of the United States on all fronts. And they intrude masquerading as common people, meanwhile trying to use all of us as weapons to attack each other about every conceivable issue to coax and goad all of us into permanently destroying our country, government and society from within. Let’s all PLEASE stop, pause and reflect on this horrible subterfuge sucking us into a whirlpool of madness. I suggest we should be smart and strong enough to refuse to allow those subtle enemies to distract us from real world problems and saddle us with unresolvable unreal ones. We can say no to being sidelined. We can say no to fighting each other online or elsewhere. These petty and downright dangerous distractions could allow robber baron thieves to steal Southwest by devaluing it with the help of online fools. That could mean Southwest as an important segment of U. S. transportation infrastructure could be yanked right out from under the flying public, weakening the competitiveness of the airline industry and the whole nation’s economic recovery which the whole world truly needs to have.
    Southwest must prove it can return to providing practical reliability and service to its customer base now and in the next several weeks. We can try to help instead of causing harm. If I choose to fly Southwest, I’ll try to get my questions answered ahead of time. I’ll get to my airport 3 to 3.5 hours before my scheduled flight departure. I’ll check-in at the earliest permissible time. I’ll have a digital and printed boarding pass ready. I’ll print out and affix my tags to my baggage and place ID-destination tags inside also. I’ll check bags right then. I’ll bring an empty water bottle and snacks. I’ll do my best to abide by the TSA instructions during the security check and not wear metal in my clothing. I’ll take my inspected items with me afterwards. I’ll wear my approved health mask and show my current Real ID and vaccination proof.
    My carry on, personal item and checked bags will follow the airline’s size and weight limits with only approved contents. I’ll follow the customer conduct and dress codes. Southwest is still viable and anyone flying with them who works reasonably well to be a cooperative, respectful customer will make things easier and more pleasant for everyone during this worse than difficult almost unimaginable time. Most importantly, many of us would like to be able to travel by air in the future at a reasonable price with Southwest Airlines. NOPE I don’t work for them or own any stock. I hope everyone affected by the recent flight cancellation flurry will be able to have their very rough problems completely responded to and properly resolved. This last weekend I read about what pilots, onboard crew, attendants, ground crew, air traffic control, TSA and everyone involved in making flights available to those of us who don’t fly our own plane have to do. I read what they must endure to execute a safe and timely flight for every customer. The argument about vaccination is generally solved by naming it for what it is:
    a public health safety issue. Let’s stop confusing issues and get back to realizing we all share this planet; sometimes in very close proximity to each other. It’s important to everyone’s survival we start doing our best to keep each other safe, or there won’t be future generations.

  103. Carlton mason|

    Let’s go Brandon

  104. Jana|

    I retired from SWA 5 years earlier than planned due to the untenable political climate, and the company’s tolerance for sexual harassment and other irrational behavior by passéngers, that intensified in 2016. The great majority of pilots at SWA and a number of flight attendants, are hard core right wingers that spend the day spouting FOX nonsense to anyone and everyone. The political harassment endured, and the lack of back up and harassment from the company when it was brought to their attention, led to my decision to leave a job I had worked at for 3 decades. My vaccinated friends that fly have all taken leaves at great financial cost to themselves and their families, so as not to risk break through infections, infecting their children and the obvious anxiety of working with so many unvaccinated coworkers. You should inquire as to how many flight attendants have died from Covid. The delays are hands down the result of staffing issues. This article hits the nail on the head, and I am so happy this numbskull finally brought to light the environment many have been tolerating for the past 20 years. This is nothing new.

  105. Anonymous|

    He actually said “Let’s go Braves” but don’t expect a blue check marked reporter to know. If other passengers were aghast it’s because Houston Hobby is a huge SWA hub. SWA is therefore an Astros airline. It’s called the World Series. Not everything is politics

  106. Eyeroll|

    So what time is it in Ukraine and Russia?

  107. Preston Brooks|

    Let’s go Brandon!

  108. Jen|


  109. Rocket Robin|

    What kinda writer u r? Who does not know whatnis Let’s Go Brandon just goes to show how ignorant these ppl in media are.
    How come he has no problem when players make political statements or when Hollywood makes them or even when elected Dems make the derogatory comments.
    Johnny jet is nothing but another fake reporter attacking ppl freedom of speech

  110. Carlo Celli|

    I heard Orange Man Bad and Cheeto jokes for four years in every possible public setting. I saw violence justified against citizens wearing MAGA hats all based on lies and organized disinformation campaigns. So spare me if you had to hear Let’s Go Brandon you silly Karen!

    1. Lucia|

      I will continue to fly SWA.

  111. No|

    I’m a SWA pilot and quite familiar with recent challenges. This author is another perfect example why America should be repulsed by the media. EVERYTIME that I’m intimately involved in a story that is reported in the media (some major events in my previous military life) they confidently get it completely wrong. This article is just another example. This guy knows nothing but believes he’s got the story figured out. It would be funny if the media wasn’t hurting our country so badly.

  112. HH|

    IT’S THE PROBLEM WITHIN THE Boeing MAX airplane, SOMETHING Smell Fi…i, the airplane’s!

  113. Anonymous|

    Hey oenn, don’t be a hating LIBTARD. Y’all put the F Brandon in office. We all know he is a puppet.

  114. Just Say No|

    Another self proclaimed travel journalist who’s really just another mouthy passenger writes to opine on the current staffing problem at Southwest and American airlines. The truth is Johnny and the rest of his brethren in the media have no idea what’s going on behind the scenes. Sadly, Johnny and his friends are incapable of real journalism and in their lack of knowledge and skill, they make assumptions and write fairy tales about current events to advance their political agenda. Wait till they learn what the real story is.

  115. K|

    You are lying when you say the pilots called in sick. That’s a lie and facts to prove it. LETS GO brandon

  116. Chris|

    I am an A-lister and fly all the time. 1 of 2 people on a flight to NY in March 2020 when the pilot announced “Welcome to the friendly skies of United, both of you”
    I find this article very ignorant, and will continue to fly SWA. I just lost all respect for the author and his opinions on travel.
    Where was the outrage when Delta stopped a passenger from singing the national anthem when a fallen soldier was on board? Yeah, fly Delta.

  117. Donald R.|

    Johnny, keep doing what you do. Many of us appreciate your take on the airline and travel industries (and vaccines and politics). We may not be the loudest, but we are the more educated, better traveled, and more reasonable side in all debates.

  118. Chris|

    Delta the official airline for Joe Biden and his policies.
    “She did not tell the rest of the plane that singing the national anthem for this soldier was against company policy,” Dr. Gaudry said. “She told me that several of the people on the plane were from other countries and that they were uncomfortable with us singing the national anthem.”

  119. Kaye Tracy|

    Perhaps many are unaware/in denial that a possible purpose of Johnny’s/Team Johnny’s rhetorical, unedited blog posts are to rile people up, draw increased attention to the site, generate publicity leading to guest interview opportunities (together known as media hype) or possibly retaliate against negative experiences with some businesses (much like other online reviews). The author’s/authors’ increasingly incendiary, hyped POVs have been ongoing since the start of the now-19-month pandemic, and for some time several other readers have already commented how this blog veers into and blurs politics and travel, speculation vs facts. Some short while back, I recall repeated author/blog requests for donations for this site (not tax-deductible at this time). Perhaps just stop commenting and skim the blog for what often-very-good travel value it provides for your travel needs/dreams/plans. Sometimes, with forgoing (correct spelling) critical thinking beforehand, one can get proverbially too big for his/her britches (spelled correctly) and fly off the seat of their pants. Who knows how long I will be able to comment on this blog without adding incendiary goading feedback for balance?

  120. Pilot X|

    You wrote:

    “… I have pilot friends who are in a closed Facebook Group with other pilots who said that was the case. FYI: There’s also a push for unvaccinated pilots to stick together and call in sick November 8-11 but that’s a whole other story.”

    Are you f’n kidding me??? That’s like saying, “My friend’s cousin’s sister’s mom has a friend who is a pilot and they said…” The bias that you show in your articles truly discredits anything you ever say. You are such a hack that you don’t even deserve to be called a writer or blogger or whatever. Your “intel” is severely flawed and clearly shows that you have an agenda to push false information to the masses. I actually work for one of the airlines mentioned in your article, as a pilot, and I can tell you FACTUALLY that everything you mentioned about pilots calling off sick is completely untrue. During the most recent Southwest meltdown, it was actually quite the opposite of what you think to be true. Voluntary trip pickup rates were way above average and sick calls were at an average rate when compared to other weekends. And you making baseless claims about a supposed planned sick out November 8-11 is just absolute horse poop. Why don’t you make a “whole other story” about that and enlighten us? I can assure you that the company and union would be frantically sending memos right now urging us to not call off on the aforementioned dates and threatening disciplinary action.

    Try to do a little more homework in the future before you write something genius.

  121. Nena|

    All I can say is.I know what airline Not to fly and were all the #Trumpers fly.

    I’m a DELTA elite member, I wouldn’t fly SWA if life depended on it, they don’t even have seat assignments, it the Moo (Cattle Call) with no business class, Dirty. Hot planes, we’re flight attendants struggle to serve sections with a serving tray and no cart.

    They offer 1 snack for AM and PM flights unless going over 3+ hours a Brownie stale brittle, so disgusting!

    All the employees look tiered, unprofessional, wearing dity sneakers, shorts and look well over retirement age. The FAA should put a age limit on flight attendants, like pilots at 65!

    I’m not a fan of this airline and pray someone buys them out ASAP!

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