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Singapore KrisFlyer miles are some of the most valuable and flexible airline miles in the world. Even if you never use them to fly to Singapore, you can use them to book flights on a variety of airlines, including United Airlines. However, KrisFlyer miles expire if you don’t use them in time. Find out when they expire and if there’s a way to prevent expiration.

Flight attendant showing off Singapore Airlines's new 787-10 business class seats
Flight attendant showing off Singapore Airlines’s 787-10 business class seats from March 2018. Credit: Johnny Jet

Do Singapore KrisFlyer Miles Expire?

KrisFlyer miles expire 36 months from the month you earn them. For example, miles earned in March 2023 will expire on March 31, 2026.

Even if you regularly earn or redeem Krisflyer miles during the year, your miles expire after three years.

While three years is a relatively long time, you will want to avoid stockpiling points. Airlines with shorter expiration periods at least renew your entire balance when you have any account activity.

Additionally, it’s not uncommon for travel programs to devalue their miles. This was the case for Singapore Airlines in July 2022, so KrisFlyer miles are not as valuable as they used to be.

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KrisFlyer Miles Extension 2023

Like other airlines with expiring miles, all balances enjoyed an expiration pause during the pandemic. However, the 36-month expiration policy went back into effect in 2023.

One final extension for KrisFlyer miles scheduled to expire in 2022 or 2023 is available. Qualifying miles and upgrades now expire on December 31, 2023.

The eligible Singapore Airlines travel miles include the following:

  • 1,500 KrisPay miles
  • 25% Bonus KrisFlyer Miles
  • 50% Bonus KrisFlyer Miles
  • 5,000 KrisFlyer Miles Redemption Discount
  • Double KrisFlyer Miles
  • Short-haul Advance Upgrade
  • Premium Economy Advance Upgrade

If you’re eligible for an extension, it’s automatically granted, and you don’t have to submit a request or pay a fee.

Renew KrisFlyer Miles

It’s possible to renew your KrisFlyer miles (for a fee!) for up to one year, depending on your loyalty status. Regular KrisFlyer members can only renew their miles up to six months. KrisFlyer Elite Silver, Elite Gold, and PPS members can extend miles up to one year.

Singapore Airlines gives you the option to extend miles in six-month increments for general KrisFlyer status or 12 months for Elite Silver or Elite Gold members.

It costs 1,200 miles and $12 for every 10,000 miles you redeem. Elite members pay similar fees but enjoy a 12-month extension instead of six months.

You will need to renew your miles before they expire. Expired KrisFlyer miles cannot be extended.

KrisFlyer miles also cannot be transferred to another KrisFlyer account. You either use them or lose them.

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Earning KrisFlyer Miles

Despite expiring after 36 months, KrisFlyer miles are relatively easy to earn and redeem. One way is to fly Singapore Airlines-operated flights and earn miles. If you love to travel, an easier option is having a credit card that earns KrisFlyer miles.

U.S. residents don’t have direct access to a co-brand Singapore Airlines credit card. However, several cards let you transfer credit card points to your KrisFlyer account.

Some of those cards include:

Redeeming KrisFlyer Miles

The best KrisFlyer miles strategy is transferring credit card points to your airline account when you’re ready to book a flight. These transfers can take up to 3 days on average to Singapore Airlines as a heads up. It’s wise to make sure award space is available before you transfer.

These are some of the award flights you should consider booking first.

Singapore Suites

Select long-distance routes have the luxurious Singapore Suites class. You get a private room with a lie-flat bed, which makes this one of the best first-class flight experiences. One of the cheapest routes can be from New York to Frankfurt for 97,000 KrisFlyer miles one-way.

Alaska Airlines to Hawaii

Award flights from the U.S. west coast to Hawaii cost 8,500 miles one-way in economy on Alaska Airlines. Most legacy airlines require a substantially more for a one-way flight. If you’re looking for an excuse to visit this tropical paradise, consider this route if you can fly from California, Washington, or Oregon.

Star Alliance Partner Flights

Unless you own a Chase credit card, it can be difficult to book Star Alliance flights with another bank’s credit card. Singapore Airlines is a “backdoor option” to fly United Airlines and other Star Alliance partners. Main cabin round-trip award flights within North America start at 27,000 miles. This is competitive with booking directly through United or other airlines depending on availability.

Summary of Do Singapore KrisFlyer Miles Expire

Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer miles expire 36 months from the month you earn them. You can pay a fee to extend them up to 6 months with basic KrisFlyer loyalty status. A better strategy can be having one of the best travel credit cards that let you transfer points to your KrisFlyer account on a 1:1 ratio when you’re KrisFlyer has the best flight options.


Do Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer miles expire?

Yes, all KrisFlyer miles expire 36 months from the issuing month. For example, any miles you earn in January of 2023 will expire at the end of January 2026. Regular KrisFlyer account activity, such as earning or redeeming miles, doesn’t renew your balance.

It’s possible to renew your miles for up six months as a basic KrisFlyer member or up to 1 year for elite or PPS members. However, you will pay a fee, and you must renew the miles before they expire.

Expired KrisFlyer miles cannot be reactivated. Nor can you transfer KrisFlyer miles to another member’s account.

How much does it cost to renew KrisFlyer miles?

The mileage renewal fee for is 1,200 miles plus $12 for every 10,000 KrisFlyer miles you renew. This fee can be less for KrisFlyer Elite and KrisFlyer PPS members although the fee schedule currently charges the same amount. However, elite members get a 12-month renewal instead of the standard six-month extension.

You must request this renewal before your miles expire.

Which credit cards let you transfer points to Singapore Airlines?

Several credit card rewards programs are Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer transfer partners.

These four rewards programs let you transfer miles at a 1:1 ratio:

You might also be able to transfer points from a Marriott Bonvoy credit card, but the ratio is likely to be 3:1. Transferring 1,000 Bonvoy points can only be worth 333 KrisFlyer miles at this rate. The good news is that you can be eligible for the Marriott Bonvoy transfer bonus.

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