So many people kept asking Natalie and I where we were going on our honeymoon (Yes, we got married two weeks ago) I thought it would be more fun to keep it a secret. I then decided to turn it into a game when Marriott offered 50,000 Marriott Rewards to give away to a reader in any kind of contest within a few weeks. Even though we weren’t staying in any of their hotels it was just a fantastic way to reward loyal readers and hopefully attract some new ones.

Why Seoul?
I was pretty sure no one without having an inside job would guess our first destination and I was right. I also knew that our main destination (Bali) would be a popular choice but since we were flying on Korean Air via Seoul we broke up our trip and our contest. Neither of us had been to Korea before so we gave up a day in paradise to explore and I’m glad we did.

Seoul for 27 Hours
Although we were only in Seoul for 27-hours I now know Korea is a special place. The people and food are worth a visit alone. We found the locals to be super friendly: they smiled, held doors and offered us free samples in the local market even though they knew we weren’t buying.

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  1. Agness (@Agnesstramp)|

    Korea is a wonderful place. 27 hours is not enough for exploring Seoul which is a beautiful and spectacular city, but I am glad you enjoyed it and had some nice food :)

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