I’m guessing you’ve been there before: You’re rushing around trying to get everything packed for your trip and you just barely make it out the door with enough time to get to the airport. You’re in such a rush that you don’t have a chance to do a last-minute check on the house. So when you finally sit down at your gate or on the plane where you have a few minutes to think clearly, you start to going through your mental checklist. RELATED: 10 Things You Don’t Need to Pack


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You start wondering did you turn the coffee pot off? What about the lights? Did you leave your curling iron plugged in? Or worse, did you turn the stove off? It’s a nagging feeling that can cause you sleepless nights and even ruin your trip.

If this happens to you, here’s a tip: First, get into the habit of taking quick pictures of your stove dials or the power buttons on the coffee pot or iron so you can refer back to them later and reassure yourself that everything is unplugged or turned off. You can also use security cameras, which will allow you to see everything or use smart plugs that you can turn off remotely – an amazing feature, which my wife loves to use with her flat iron. We use a Belkin Wemo Switch. Lastly, you can always ask a trusted neighbor to go into your house to check. Here’s how you can open and close your garage door while you’re away so you can let someone in and then close the door when they leave.


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3 Comments On "4 Ways to Relieve That Nagging Feeling You've Forgotten to Do Something At Home When You Travel"
  1. Bettina Salter|

    An OCD patient’s true nightmare!

  2. John Love|

    If you want an excellent packing checklist, get the Knock Knock Pack This! tear off checklist pad sold by Knockknockstuff.com.

  3. Deborah|

    I am not so high-tech as you – I just have a checklist (garbage, compost, turn down heat etc) which I use each time. I also have a packing list.

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