I thought I’d seen it all but then this video and story popped up in my feed about a woman in Brazil who was trying to check a propane tank. People can’t be this dumb, right? I’m not sure if she was trying to commit suicide and take the whole plane down with her on the way to hell or she was just trying to save $25. But come on.

YouTube video

She had to know it was against the law because she apparently lied to the check-in agent by saying that the box was full of clothes. The agent said he knew that was a lie because of its weight “and by being a very sturdy volume, so I asked her to name 3 pieces of clothes that she had there. She then admitted it was a butane gas cylinder; so I asked her authorization to open the package and film it.”

Obviously, you can’t check a propane tank but if you ever want to know what you can and can’t bring on an airplane, just download the TSA’s free app or ask them a question on Twitter. They will reply within minutes during regular business hours.

I’m not sure what happened to this passenger but I hope she was charged with a crime and then given the help and education she needs.

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