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TripIt, one of the most exciting travel planning apps, has a new design for its website. Don’t worry, the TripIt and TripIt Pro apps aren’t going anywhere, although you might see a few design changes.

Why the site redesign?

Needless to say, a lot has changed when it comes to travel and the world since TripIt first launched in 2006.

What you might not realize is that the previous TripIt website design dates back to 2013. While the website wasn’t broken, it was time for a “spring cleaning” as there was a mixture of current and outdated content that could confuse visitors at time.

Another factor that should be considered is the fact that the way people access the internet has changed since 2013. A few years ago, most people primarily accessed the internet from a computer. Today, you’re more likely to use your phone or tablet which have smaller screens and require a mobile-friendly website design to easily see all the information.

Because of the changing times and the many new TripIt app features, it was easier to make a new website.

A Faster Website

On the old TripIt website, the first image you saw was a panoramic view of the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. As you scrolled down, you could compare the features of the free TripIt and the premium TripIt Pro plans.

You could also click on different links to learn about these individual features and see large screenshots.

The new website still highlights the main TripIt app features, but you will see a cleaner appearance. As a result, the website loads faster and can be easier to navigate.

Quickly See the TripIt Benefits

TripIt explains the site redesign as follows:

TripIt removes the clutter and confusion of travel—and gosh darn it—our website should do the same. To accomplish that, we knew we needed to clearly communicate the benefits of using TripIt first, then also help illustrate how our features help our users travel smarter. 

It was also important to us to show how TripIt Pro has you covered at every stage of your trip—from planning to landing—while keeping up with the pace of our evolving product.


You now have three different options on the TripIt homepage to see everything the TripIt app has to offer. Clicking the “How It Works” link shows how TripIt tracks your travel itineraries. When you click the “TripIt Pro” link, you can view an easy-to-follow list of the premium features.

If you scroll to the bottom of the homepage, you can see recent blog posts about the latest TripIt happenings and even watch a short video about how TripIt works.

New App Icons

Long-time TripIt users might notice another change the next time they open the app. There’s a new app icon.

TripIt App Icons
The new TripIt app icons
Credit: TripIt

The new app icons look familiar to the previous TripIt icon. But there are enough differences where current users might take a second glance to ensure they are opening the correct app.

Which icon you see depends on what device you open the app on. For instance, you will see a smaller icon when opening the app on your smartwatch.

TripIt App Features

The TripIt website may have just experienced its first overhaul in six years, but the TripIt app has been continually launching new features to help you plan and track your travel itineraries.

Whether this is the first time you heard about TripIt, are a long-time user, or somewhere in-between, here’s a quick overview of the different TripIt app features.

The Newest Additions

Let’s first cover some of the more recent updates that you might not be aware of.

  • Apple users can use Siri shortcuts and add TripIt to their Watch Dock
  • Can forward cancellation emails to TripIt to update current itineraries
  • Can view neighborhood safety scores
  • Car rental, ground transportation, and lodging reservations can show show contact number and address details

Recent app updates also optimize TripIt for the most recent smartphone additions including the newest Apple iPhone as screen sizes constantly change.

TripIt Basic Features

Every TripIt user can track their upcoming travel itineraries for free. You only have to forward your confirmation emails to and TripIt lets you access the trip information from any device that has the TripIt app installed on it.

You can also share your travel plans with friends, family, and co-workers for free.

Other complimentary TripIt tools include:

  • Airport maps
  • Neighborhood safety scores
  • Overhead maps with navigation
  • Nearby points of interest

It’s also possible to store your traveler profile information for paperless travel, flight ratings, and receive alerts if a flight delay or disruption qualifies for compensation.

TripIt Pro

Upgrading to TripIt Pro can provide these additional travel features:

  • Price drop alerts after you book a fare
  • Open seat and alternate flight tracking
  • Rewards point tracking
  • Check-in reminders 24 hours before departure
  • Real-time flight alerts
  • Airport security wait times

Once you’re at the airport, TripIt Pro also provides interactive airport maps that provide walking directions. You can also receive baggage claim information and terminal or gate change updates for your next flight.

Other partner perks include discount CLEAR membership that helps reduce security wait times. You can also enjoy discount LoungeBuddy passes.

If you visit different airports often and want all your travel information in one place, TripIt Pro can be one of the best travel apps you can install on your Android or Apple device.

Access to all of these premium features cost $49 a year. If your business uses SAP Concur, you might be able to use TripIt Pro for free.

These different tools help organize your travel so you can spend less time planning before you leave. You can save time once you start traveling with the different real-time alerts and navigation tools.


TripIt is repeatedly one of the best travel apps for good reason. They make it easy to store your travel information and track your travel status to help you easily make changes when unexpected delays or disruptions happen. Their new website reflects the app’s streamlined approach to travel planning.

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