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If you’ve been more aware of your carbon footprint and want to take steps to be a more eco-friendly traveler, you may be looking for a tool to calculate the carbon footprint of your air travel. Now, there is one! 

app to check carbon footprint
This convenient app to check carbon footprint can help you know how much you need to do to offset it. Photo by Tim Gouw from Pexels

TripIt App to Check Carbon Footprint

TripIt is an app that helps travelers travel smarter. Their app now has a feature that allows travelers to understand the environmental impact of air travel better. Within the app, individuals can learn the carbon footprint of upcoming and past flights.

They can also learn ways to reduce or offset the environmental impact. The best part is it’s an easy-to-use tool! 

To use this tool, you’ll need first to download the TripIt app. It’s available for iOS and Android. This feature is accessible in both the free and pro versions so that anyone can use it.

There are two ways to access the Carbon Footprint feature. Within the app, click “Trips” and then select a specific flight. You will then be shown the carbon footprint for that flight. 

You can also check out your annual carbon footprint for all air travel. Within the app, click “More.” Next, click “Travel Stats.” Finally, click “Carbon Footprint.” From here, you’ll be able to look at your annual summary.

It will show you your annual carbon footprint and show how many homes you could power with that energy. You’ll also be shown practical ways to reduce or offset the environmental impact of your air travel. For example, you can choose to book more direct flights. 

This is an awesome educational tool. To summarize, TripIt’s Carbon Footprint feature will allow you to do the following: 

  • See each flight’s carbon emissions
  • Keep track of your annual carbon footprint
  • Learn how to offset and reduce your environmental impact 

So, how do they calculate your carbon footprint? The app uses the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

While it can be challenging to altogether avoid air travel, we can adjust how we travel by air and the types of flights we book. We can also choose other methods of transportation when visiting some destinations.

Final Thoughts To Check Carbon Footprint With An App

If you’re interested in finding ways to make more eco-friendly travel decisions and want to learn how to offset the environmental impact of air travel, this app is for you. You can easily keep track of your annual flight emissions and find some practical suggestions. With tools like this, we can be more aware and make more informed decisions when we book travel. 

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