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According to FOX 11, “Six tourists from Minnesota are thankful to be alive after terrifying moments unfolded at a vacation rental property in East Hollywood. Around 4 a.m. Tuesday, they became victims of a home-invasion at a rental home located near the intersection of Heliotrope Drive and Rosewood Avenue. Officials said at least five suspects in ski masks surprised the group who had reportedly just arrived from the Midwest. The suspects were said to be all armed with guns and rifles.”

The City of Los Angeles.The suspects escaped with cell phones, suitcases, cash and “basically everything they could carry.”  There was no sign of forced entry so investigators believe this was an inside job and that the robbers might have known the key combination. Another reason why investigators think it was an inside job is because the robbers knew where the security cameras were as they were all covered with tape. Fortunately, the tourists didn’t get hurt physically but no doubt this had to be a traumatic experience and one they will never forget. This is obviously not something the city of Los Angeles or California wants to have happen, especially with the Summer Olympics coming in 2028. All eyes will be focused on the city starting August 11, when the Paris Summer Olympics wrap up.

Here’s the story via KTLA:

YouTube video
A lot of the comments on social blamed the visitors for staying in an Airbnb:

@Socalytics: That’s why I don’t stay at Airbnbs.  These properties are sketchy.

@OnyxKami: The fact that people still use Airbnbs instead of hotels is mind-blowing.

@allybearbear: 100% this seems targeted and i would definitely investigate the airbnb host and their known associates.

@TreeSnackz wrote: “That’s a crazy rental location.” TIP: Here’s how I pick the location of a city I’m not familiar with.

@jeffnelson4489 commented: “Man I worked close by today they stole all the copper wire from building I worked at and let out of jail same day”

Unfortunately, @jeffnelson4489 is also right. There’s been a huge spike in copper thefts lately and worst of all, if these suspects did get caught, they would be out the same day as California laws are ridiculously lax. There are countless examples I could share with you but here are a few recent, disturbing stories:

Woman arrested again for attempting to kidnap children at Los Angeles park (
Man arrested for assault just hours after getting released from jail (
Parolee driving stolen car found with thousands in faux cash in Irvine (
Glendora police arrest, release man 3 times in 1 day under new CA zero-bail policy – ABC7 Los Angeles (this one is from 2020 but just shows how absurd Zero Bail policy is)

Don’t get me wrong, I love Los Angeles and California. I’ve lived here for the past 33 years but both the city and state need to get much tougher on crime. This type of thing shouldn’t happen anywhere, even if it’s an inside job.

I’ve stayed in Airbnbs before and would have no problem staying in one again. However, I would only stay in one that is available from a Superhost, a host who has a lot of positive reviews or one that my friends and family have stayed in and recommend.

I would also use a portable door alarm or even just a regular doorstopper, both of which you can use in hotels too, for extra security. Using a doorstopper is a tip from a former CIA officer and FBI agent. Here are her other travel safety tips that she says can provide an added sense of security when you’re sleeping.

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