I’ve read a lot of bizarre stories while researching and curating the travel news for my daily newsletter (it’s free and you can sign up here), but this story might take the cake. RELATED: This Travel Door Alarm Can Give You Peace of Mind When You Travel (and at Home)

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According to Nashville’s News Channel 5, a Hilton hotel manager is accused of breaking into guest’s room and sucking on his toes. “Peter Brennan was fast asleep — inside his room at the Hilton Downtown Nashville Hotel — when he awoke to a nightmare. “I was in Nashville for a work conference,” said Brennan. “I awoke to a gentleman, an employee of the Hilton, assaulting me.” Brennan claims he saw a hotel employee performing sexual acts on his feet.”

The guest later discovered it was actually the night manager of the Hilton who broke into his room and assaulted him. According to News Channel 5, “Metro police have identified him as David Neal. There is now a warrant out for his arrest. It turns out, this isn’t Neal’s only run-in with the law. Metro Police reported on Friday that Neal was located in Wilson County and taken into custody on an aggravated burglary warrant.”

As for how the manager got inside the guest’s room? “Brennan thinks the hotel employee may have cloned his key card and let himself into the room.” That’s exactly how since managers as well as other staff members have master keycards to get into any room on the property at any time. 

This is why I always use the safety lock, though it’s still easy for thieves to break them. See the two videos below that demonstrate the easy ways to open doors with different types of safety locks:

(Fast forward to 6:10)

YouTube video

For chain and safety latch

YouTube video

Fortunately, I’m a light sleeper and I’m a relatively big dude so I can put up a good fight. However, for those who are not and would sleep better with some extra security, it’s probably a good idea to arm yourself with travel safety gadgets like a travel door alarm, a travel doorstop alarm and mace.


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2 Comments On "Hilton Hotel Manager Accused of Breaking Into Guest’s Room and Assaulting Him. Here’s How to Protect Yourself"
  1. jennifer|

    I normally really enjoy your content but very disappointed that you posted videos on how to break into hotel rooms! Wouldn’t it have been better to just say there are easy ways that people can defeat different door locking mechanisms and suggest a travel door alarm?

    1. Johnny Jet|

      My wife said the same thing. My argument is that all the bad guys already know how. It’s all over the internet and I’m just trying to show my readers how easy it is to do so they don’t become a victim.

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