Hafthor Bjornsson is an Icelandic professional strongman. He posted a short video of him getting into his middle seat on a plane with the caption, “POV: You’re 6’9″ and 400 pounds and booked the middle seat.” That’s right, Hafthor is 6 feet, 9 inches tall and weighs 400 pounds. RELATED: 7 Hacks For Getting the Best Coach Seat on a Plane

Watch the video here:

YouTube video

I have a feeling he just sat there for a few seconds to film this video but regardless, it’s funny and I think many people can relate to it, either because they’re a similar size or have sat next to someone who was. Remember this story? VIDEO: Mean or Brutally Honest? American Airlines Passenger Divides Internet When Wedged Between Two “Obese People”

Some of the top comments, listed below are hilarious:

@hugoherrera4171: Give this man the emergency exit row, he could rip the door off in case it doesn’t open 😂

@natandjoec: The guys next to him would complain, but…..they want to live.

@craziiedinasour: Honestly, I’d just hug him like a giant teddy bear and go to sleep

@jodirauth8847: I used to be a tailor. A 6ft 10inch 19 year old guy came in one day looking for white shirts to go an LDS mission. We had nothing in the store for him. So I bought fabric and made them on my own time. He had a 25 inch neck. I had to custom make the pattern. My Dad was a very big man so I learned to on his clothing by repairing them at a very young age.

@michaelhiggins9791: 6’8” here and this is exactly what it feels like on any flight whether you’re in middle seat or not. 😂😂

@neilyaremchuk6798: Literally my last flight on Spirit out of Detroit to Orlando. I’m no lightweight myself but was book-ended by two guys headed for the WWE NXT training center who made me feel small. Pretty sure the plane was flying on an angle the whole way.

Have you ever sat someone in coach who should have been in first class or purchased a second seat … or even a whole row? Let us know in the comments.

I’ve actually sat next to a strongman before. Terry Hollands was on a flight from London to LAX in 2007. He is a similar size but fortunately I was across the aisle and we were both in business class so we had plenty of space.


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