Yesterday, I wrote about the travel gadget that flight attendants never leave home without. As I mentioned in that post, because I’ve got a lot more time on my hands these days, I get my travel fix a few different ways. First, I watch a lot of webcams of beautiful destinations around the world (check out this compilation) and I’ve also started watching different YouTube videos made by flight attendants and pilots. They talk about their flight experiences, incidents that happen on board and also offer up some great tips and product recommendations.

Reader Richard R left a comment on the post asking me which videos made by pilots and flight attendants that I watch. His timing was impeccable as I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while. So his question prompted me to write about that this morning. Here are the YouTubers I often watch as well as some of the tips and product recommendations I’ve found most useful.

Kacey Cassady
Kacey is a young American Airlines flight attendant based out of Dallas-Fort Worth. She’s interesting to watch because when she was flying (she’s been furloughed now), she would talk about the flight loads and any incidents that took place on board. Viewers also learn a lot about what it’s like to be on reserve and have to hang out in the airport for most of the day, waiting to see if you will be called at the last minute to replace a flight attendant on a trip. Her first vlog was on Apr 18, 2019.
Best product recommendations:
Apple AirPod knockoffs
Arrivals/Departure doormat
Flexible phone and tablet stand 

Jetting Julia
Jetting Julia is another young American Airlines Dallas-based flight attendant who has twice the number of followers and views as Kacey. Her first flight attendant vlog was published April 15, 2019. Her top videos cover topics like layovers in Cancun and Hawaii, flying during Coronavirus and more specifically, what it’s like to be a flight attendant during Coronavirus.
Best product recommendations:
Packing cubes
RFID passport holder
Source of Life multivitamin

Kat Nesbitt
Kat is yet another American Airlines Dallas-based flight attendant. According to her profile, she “provides an inside look into flight attendant life! A day in the life of a flight attendant can be pretty crazy, but hopefully you’ll get to learn a thing or two and have some fun traveling with me along the way! Subscribe for more flight attendant tips, tricks, and travel secrets!” Kat talks about how much flight attendants make, what a crash pad is and how to become a flight attendant. It looks like Kat was the first to start vlogging as her first video was published on September 20, 2018 and she has the most total views of the three with over 10 million.
Best travel tip: Always travel with a J hook luggage strap to attach your smaller carry-on bag to your suitcase because this will take a tremendous amount of weight off your arm, she says.

Sadly, these three flight attendants have been furloughed. Hopefully they will be taking to the skies again soon. Next up, these are the pilots I follow on YouTube:

Micah Muzio
Micah is a Los Angeles-based helicopter pilot who I started to watch when the pandemic hit as he would fly over the eerie empty L.A. freeways and beaches at the height of COVID-19. He also reviews cars but I haven’t watched those videos. He first posted five years ago and his most popular videos show helicopter views of LA, Disneyland, LA during lockdown (this one was really interesting) and SoCal theme parks, also during lockdown.

Mentour Pilot
Mentour Pilot has the most popular YouTube channel of all the ones I’ve listed with a whopping 81 million total views, which is double what the others have combined. His videos are long, calm and thorough. He’s been posting videos for five years and covers topics like:
-Why are the Boeing 737NG engines FLAT?
-“Pods” under the wing? What are they?
-Why does the Boeing 737 not have any landing-gear doors?
-Why do aircraft store fuel in the wings?
-Why are the jet-engines placed there? Wings vs Tail

If you’re into YouTube travel videos, please also subscribe to my YouTube channel as I interview some big-time travelers like Josh Gates, Andrew McCarthy and Samantha Brown.

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  1. Jack|

    Although I am not a pilot, I find Dutchgirlpilot very informative…..

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Good to know! I just started following her

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