Each Friday, we feature a reader-submitted tip as our Travel Tip of the Day. This week’s tip comes from reader Dave K., who commented on this tip about labeling baggage:

“Having any address on the luggage seems like a potential security problem. I put only my email address and cell phone number on my tag. Some might consider even have a cell number on the tag to be a problem, but this is OK with me. This info still allows the airline to ID lost luggage and route it appropriately after contacting me. This is actually an advantage if I’m not at the destination hotel, especially if that was just the first stop in a trip.”

This is what I do. Thanks, Dave!




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3 Comments On "Use an Email and Phone Number When Labeling Luggage"
  1. Benesse|

    My only concern is that the airline might not take the time to call much less send me an email about my bag. I do have my cell # there in addition destination address and phone #.

  2. Drew|

    I agree. My house was once broken into by two baggage handlers at IAH. When I landed at my international destination on the other side of the world I noticed that the bag tags on all three of my bags were opened (they had a snap to keep them shut). Shortly after, my house was broken into. They guys got my address from the tags and seeing several bags with my address took a chance that no one was home. Thankfuly the alarm scared them off.

  3. Ann Davis|

    Since I tend to stay at a hotel for a number of days before moving on (I day trip to other smaller cities from a main city), I just put my email address & then each destination city/hotel name/hotel phone number on my luggage tag. By doing this, I can fit 3 hotels on a normal size luggage tag. Then if my luggage is lost they can contact my hotel as to where to forward it. Other than my name, I do not put my cell or home address on for safety.

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