Each Friday, we feature a reader-submitted tip as our Travel Tip of the Day. This week’s tip comes from reader Mark from Seattle, who says:

“I am always amazed by those travelers who put their home address on their luggage tags when starting out on their travels. If their luggage is lost at the start, it’s going to be delivered to their home address. So much for a three-week vacation out of the country without clothes, etc.

“The best tip I can offer is to suggest each traveler print out their destination addresses they’re going to whenever someone else is handling their luggage. A few years ago, our luggage didn’t show up in baggage claim in Rome. Fortunately, I had the hotel address in Rome on our luggage tag (I use tags with windows that allow me to change addresses) so our luggage was delivered later that night.”

If you lose your checked luggage, you’ll typically have the chance to clarify where you want it sent when you report it missing to the airline. Still, this is good advice. Thanks, Mark!




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5 Comments On "Put the Address of Your Destination on Your Luggage Tag"
  1. Dave Kodama|

    Having any address on the luggage seems like a potential security problem. I put only my email address and cell phone number on my tag. Some might consider even have a cell number on the tag to be a problem, but this is OK with me. This info still allows the airline to ID lost luggage and route it appropriately after contacting me. This is actually an advantage if I’m not at the destination hotel, especially if that was just the first stop in a trip.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Agreed. Good tip

  2. Mrs. J. Boykin|

    I only show my last name and cell phone number on my luggage tag. However, with TSA locks on luggage they are easily opened now and so I put my “next stop” inside my suitcase. This is also good if your tag gets separated from the suitcase.

  3. Michele|

    Better yet put your home address inside your luggage in case your luggage tag falls off.

  4. Vulcu Radu|

    I think it’s enough to put your name and phone number only so you can avoid all the hassle where to send it, they can just call you and done

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