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luglocIf you check your bags when you fly, you should consider this device just sent to me to try out. LugLoc is smaller than a saucer. Pop it into your checked bag and you can track it with their free Android or iOS app. It works two different ways: one with Bluetooth and the other with GSM. You use the Bluetooth mode to see if your luggage was loaded onto the plane and for seeing if it’s coming out on the carousel the airline says it’s going to. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had luggage come out on different carousels than what I was told.

Using Bluetooth mode isn’t like tracking people with your phone. When you use it on LugLoc, it doesn’t give you pinpoint details, but if the luggage is close by, you will see bars illustrating just how close by it is. It’s best for checking to see if your luggage is on the plane just before the flight attendants shut the doors. The chip inside the device is a patented Triaxial Accelerometer and it’s TSA, FAA and FCC compliant; it automatically detects when to “go to sleep” prior to takeoff and when to wake upon landing.

The other way to track your bag with LugLoc is with GSM mode. If your bag doesn’t make it on the plane, when you arrive at your destination, you use the app to trace it. It won’t tell you exactly where your luggage is, but you’ll know right away if it’s the same city or not—i.e., whether it arrived with you.

FYI: LugLoc comes with one month of complimentary tracking service, and then you have to buy the service plans: one month is $4.99, six months is $19.99 and one year goes for $29.99 (it will tell you what airport your luggage is in). The battery is rechargeable and lasts 15 days. You charge it with a USB cable and it takes a while to fully recharge. Dimensions are 4″ x 2.75″ and it weighs 3.5 ounces.

2 Comments On "How to Track Your Checked Luggage"
  1. John|

    Good battery. Poor customer service. Poor accuracy-you won’t know whether it is at the domestic airport or the international airport for example. Tested at home it tells me that it is located in the neighbouring suburb. I am looking forward to when this type of product gets really good.

  2. meg|

    wouldn’t the TILE be better?

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