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The first travel tip, 3 Reasons to Always Get Two Hotel Room Keys, led to The Truth About Hotel Room Key Cards, which led to Why You Should Keep Your Airline Boarding Passes and What You Should Do With Them.

Then came yesterday’s tip, This Simple Trick You’ve Probably Never Thought of Can Help to Keep You (And Your Stuff) Safe.

Whenever I write a travel tip, it brings back memories of the habits I had when I used to travel like a mad man. Some of these tips are second nature to me so I don’t think about writing about them or, honestly, I forget. But thanks to two readers, today’s tip will help keep your house safe if you ever get picked up by a rideshare, taxi or car service driver.

Here’s what they had to say:

Amanda’s and Johnny’s comments about speaking to an empty room also applies when being picked up by a shuttle or car service. I don’t let the driver in the house to get bags, always talk back to my empty house and, when talking with a chatty driver or with my wife, usually mention that our son and his family are house sitting for us while we’re gone.” –Brock in San Diego

Today Johnny talks about talking as though someone is in the room when entering and exiting, but actually traveling alone. When we have to use a car service to get to the airport for a trip, I always go back in the house to “tell the grandparents something.” Actually, our house is empty while we are gone. Then we always talk during the trip to the airport about how we hope the house is still standing upon our return since we are leaving 4 kids and a set of grandparents at the house. We don’t want a driver to think we are leaving our house empty for the trip!” –Anne in Arizona

Both of these are fantastic tips and I do the same. In fact, I caught my wife off-guard on our last trip when I made something up and out of the blue said, “I hope your mother can handle our vicious dog. My wife was like, what are you talking about? My mother? Our dog? I figured by then the driver must have heard this one before so I was just thankful we have a great alarm system and attentive neighbors.

2 Comments On "Do This When Using a Rideshare, Taxi or Car Service"
  1. George|

    After driving some polite and not so polite passengers 8 hrs plus every day do you really think that I give a hoot about Johnny’s house?
    I want to get home, take a shower and relax.

    Yes, you are always going to hear some horror stories, but I have my own stories from very irresponsible passengers, where should I start?99 % of them do not tip, now that’s rude. How about writing and article about tipping? I go out of my way to provide a smooth ride and some people are never satisfied.I wonder what would happen if a large percentage of drivers would go on strike for a couple of weeks.
    Without the people working in the service industry where would you guys be?

  2. David Miller|

    I am tired of hearing people complaining about not being tipped. The job/service you provide, may I add that you are being PAID to do, is a choice YOU made when you decided what type of work you would do. I, and others, do NOT owe you a “tip”- we paid for the service you offer, getting a “tip” should be at the discretion of the person who used your service based upon whatever criteria the user uses. Quit crying- do your job and be thankful for whatever tips you receive. WE, the people who use your service, DO NOT OWE you anything except the agreed upon charge – period.

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