Safer solo travel: Crime and Place

Here’s an interesting iOS-only app that a reader just tipped me off to. Karen T writes, “When I travel in the US (and especially when planning), I use an app called Crime and Place. I am typically travelling alone or w/ my daughter. Initially, I used it for hotel stays. It’s not too hard to figure out why one hotel of a particular brand might be cheaper than the same branded hotel a mile away when you see both locations on their map. Also, when traveling I can see my current surroundings, and even if in an urban area where I would expect crime to be higher, I can look at the Crime Compass and find the safest way (which isn’t always the shortest way). I am not someone who lives in fear. I love to travel the world. But an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I’ve been disappointed more than once when arriving at a hotel I expected to be in a safe area as a solo traveler only to realize that while a lovely hotel, the area was sketchy. I like to take full advantage of walking and eating like locals, so when I’m out walking I have this app open. It’s a no-brainer to use while traveling.”

The app costs $7.99 and it has a “Crime Compass” that allows users to quickly see their surroundings as they move. There’s also a map overlay that has a fully interactive heat map with GPS tracking and search capabilities. Notifications require background GPS use so keep in mind that if you keep it running, it will dramatically decrease battery life.

Important note: This app is not designed to provide any guarantee of safety. Read the License Agreement in its entirety before purchasing or installing this app.

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