One of the best parts about running a website and publishing travel content is developing relationships with readers and getting real-world tips from travelers like all of you. I always appreciate your feedback and stories about your experiences. Reader Martha wrote in yesterday with some feedback and tips of her own after reading this piece: The Ultimate Guide to Protecting Your CDC Vaccination Card. Here’s what she had to say:

I am in France right now and have a few additions to your tips about your Covid vaccine card:

  1. Agree, you definitely do need your Covid original card to get on the plane or to get into the country.
  2. We made a copy of our card and got it laminated at the local Kinkos (or equivalent). This has been accepted at every museum and restaurant without issue.
  3. Then lock your original Covid card in the hotel safe.
  4. Pro Tip: If you do copy and laminate your card, reduce the size ever-so-slightly to make it fit into your pocket better. Another reader also recommended this back in April: How This Reader Is Carrying His CDC Vaccination Card
  5. Another Pro Tip: Make a file in the photos of your phone, with your Covid card, driver’s license, passport, health insurance card (both sides) for quick reference if needed. This has helped me on so many occasions, both traveling and at home.

Johnny, I love your column every day. Thanks for all you do. Best wishes to your dad and to your entire family.

Thanks for the tips, Martha! For anyone who’s planning to travel soon, hopefully the tips above will come in handy, as well as these ones below:

Brilliant New Travel Accessory: A Passport and Vaccine Card Holder Combo
The Best Way to Protect Your Vaccination Card

8 Comments On "COVID Vaccine Card Tips Travelers Should Know"
  1. Jennifer|

    Johnny, Are they letting people in the EU with ONLY a negative Covid test ?

    1. Johnny Jet|

      It’s up to each individual country. I will research and do so a post soon but I think for the most part if you’re not vaxxed you will have to quarantine.

  2. Bill n DC|

    We’ve got the online ziplock holder. Works great and easily removed yesterday to add the booster :-)

  3. Susan Johnston|

    Will the airlines allow the laminated Covid card or does it have to be the original without lamination? Thanks so much.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Good question. I don’t know for sure but haven’t heard anyone say they were declined. My guess is yes but best to triple check

  4. Marion|

    We got our Covid vaccination cards laminated as soon as we got out last shot early in 2020. Now I have heard some places won’t accept them if the original ones are laminated. Is this true? We live in NY and were vaccinated in Florida so that won’t be too easy to do

    1. Johnny Jet|

      I haven’t heard that so I don’t think it’s true. You could always go to the place you went to get the shot or a CVS and ask them to swap out your old with a new one

  5. Corrina|

    Be careful on laminating your cards. Some places will not replace your card unless you have received all doses from the same place. If you have gotten doses from different places, they legally cannot replace your card.
    Also get your digital version from is also good to have as well

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