Summer’s drawing to a close… so what’s more fitting than captioning this tropically-inspired photo Johnny snapped in Trinidad and Tobago.

Best caption wins:

Nokia Purity by Monster:  Monster, a recognized leader in headset design and Nokia, one of the world’s top mobile brands, have partnered to bring you the best audio quality for your mobile lifestyle. Together, they’ve engineered the perfect companion for your smart phone, the Nokia Purity Stereo In-Ear Headset.

Whether you’re talking to your favorite people or listening to music, you’ll hear everything. Its technology delivers an accurate sound reproduction of low bass without distortion, a clear middle range, and crisp highs as well as superior sound isolation.

Your dynamic sound experience also boasts easy-to-reach volume and call controls and tangle-free resistant cables.

Also included: Hard Shell Carrying Case, Five Sizes of Eartips, Nokia AV Adaptor, User Guide, and 12 Month Warranty. Valued: $100 USD.

How: Leave the caption in the comment section below. Include your name and an email address. Contestants must either suscribe to Johnny’s newsletter or follow him on Facebook or TwitterAll official contest rules apply.

When: The last day/time to enter will be on Monday, September 10th at 6pm PTThe winner will be announced next Wednesday, September 12th and be contacted by a representative.

Why: Free swag, free swag!

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16 Comments On "Caption It And Win Nokia Purity In-Ear Headset"
  1. Mark Davis|

    Yes, I am going #1 right now.

  2. tasil|

    at first a yell… “Hey Hey, wait up…” then with a sober moment… thought ” never mind ! ” winking.

    Lisa T.

  3. Chris McFarlane|

    *sigh of relief* this is the life..don’t worry about me guys, I’m quite alright where I am…just keep the drinks flowing thank you!

  4. Justin Hamlin|

    I don’t always drink my cocktails while afloat, but when I am in the Caribbean… ah hell, yes I do!

  5. fred|

    “No, I’m good. See y’all tamara!” (tomorrow!)

  6. Mike|

    Good Day! I’m just liming away!!!

  7. Deb McD|

    Should I tell them they have to go out a little further to catch any fish? Nah, it’s all good here (hear), cheers to a great summer!

  8. Mark Santia|

    Please don’t bother me now I’m going #1

  9. Roxana Lewis|

    Why not join the fish instead of catching them?

  10. rissa|

    i do believe they need a mapquest. it only took this drink for me to get here.

  11. Deborah|

    “Buss a lime by T&T”
    “It’s all about the complimentary rum punch”
    “Steve’s office party”

  12. Spencer Stall|

    All I need is a rum punch, sunny skies and a warm ocean to make me feel like # 1.

  13. Todd C|

    Silly… It’s the Caribbean not the piss-ific.

  14. Phil Spada|

    “The cloud over my left shoulder looks like a flying duck and the one I’m pointing at looks like a boat….. Hey, I got another hand, ya know… Gimmee two more Mojitos!”

  15. Ahmed|

    “Did you know that women prefer Trinidad and Tobago 1 Billion times more than any other island, did you know that Im riding this dolphin backwards” “Hi-five”

  16. Christie R|

    1 Singular Sensation every little trip I make..

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