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The Capital One Venture and Spark Miles card products are some of the best Capital One credit cards, and they make it easy to redeem miles. Plus, they have a great list of airline transfer partners. So, it makes sense to see if there are any Capital One transfer bonuses to receive more loyalty miles.

Before we get into it, here are the top cards in the Venture and Spark Miles family:

Philadelphia to Toronto. Credit: Johnny Jet

Does Capital One Have Transfer Bonuses?

Yes, there are periodic bonuses when transferring Capital One miles to participating airlines and hotels. The Capital One transfer bonuses are usually 20% or 25% more miles, meaning you can get 1,200 miles (20% bonus) or 1,250 miles (25% bonus) when converting 1,000 Capital One miles.

Here is how to redeem Capital One Venture Miles for maximum value.

How Often Does Capital One Have Transfer Bonuses?

The credit card issuer has usually offered 4 or 5 limited-time transfer bonuses each year. In 2021 and 2022, most of the transfer opportunities occurred during March and the summer months.

This credit card transfer program is relatively young (it only began in 2019) compared to more established mile transfer programs such as American Express Membership Rewards®, Chase Ultimate Rewards®, and Citi ThankYou. Therefore, there isn’t as long of a track record to estimate the frequency, but its transfer ratios and lineup are very competitive.

There may also be a bonus opportunity when Capital One adds a new transfer partner. This was the case when they added JetBlue in 2019.

Are There Any Capital One Transfer Bonuses Right Now?

As of February 20, 2023, there are no active Capital One transfer bonuses. Neither have any upcoming bonuses been announced.

What is the Capital One Transfer Bonus History

Here is a running record of the previous transfer bonuses by airline and hotel loyalty club (listed alphabetically).

Aeromexico Club Premier

  • March 2022: 20%
  • August 2021: 25%

Air France-KLM Flying Blue

  • December 2021: 20%
  • September 2021: 30%
  • June 2019: 20%

ALL-Accor Live Limitless

  • November 2022: 20%

Avianca LifeMiles

  • March 2022: 20%
  • July 2021: 25%
  • December 2020: 15%
  • July 2019: 25%
  • June 2019: 15%

British Airways Executive Club

  • November 2022: 20%
  • August 2021: 33%

Emirates Skywards

  • March 2019: 100%

JetBlue TrueBlue

  • May 2019: 50%

Unfortunately, JetBlue stopped being a Capital One transfer partner in October 2021.

TAP Air Portugal Miles & Go

  • July 2022: 25%

Wyndham Rewards

  • March 2022: 20%

Are the Capital One Transfer Bonuses Worth It?

These bonuses are comparable with similar credit card points programs. However, they are usually restricted to international airlines as the Capital One transfer partners currently don’t include any domestic carriers.

While you must book partner flights through an international alliance partner like Avianca LifeMiles or FlyingBlue, using miles for international flights tend to have the highest redemption values. So, you can stretch your mileage a little further in addition to the limited-time transfer bonus.

Can You Transfer Capital One Miles to Delta?

No, Delta Air Lines isn’t a Capital One transfer partner, but you can redeem your Venture miles for Delta-operated flights at 1 cent each. One option is as a travel statement credit and using money to book your flight. Second, you can redeem miles through Capital One Travel.

Can Capital One Credit Cards Transfer Miles?

You can transfer miles with any card in the Venture or Spark Miles family. Your options are the following for each card lineup.

Capital One Venture Cards

Both products with an annual fee also provide airport lounge access with either one-time passes (Venture Rewards/$95 annual fee) or unlimited visits (Venture X/$395 year).

Spark Miles for Business

Business travelers can also join the fun with the Spark Miles credit cards.

Similar to the personal Venture cards, the Spark 2x Miles and Venture X Business offer airport lounge benefits.

Learn more: Business Credit Cards

What is the Capital One Transfer Ratio for Bonuses?

The transfer ratio is 1:1.2 for 20% bonuses (1,000 Capital One miles becomes 1,200 airline or hotel miles) and 1:1.25 for 25% bonuses (1,000 Capital One miles becomes 1,250 travel miles). The typical transfer ratio for most programs is 1:1 (1,000 Capital One miles becomes 1,000 travel miles).

Having cards that transfer at 1:1 ratios without a bonus are why these are some of the best rewards credit cards.

Are There Capital One Hotel Transfer Bonuses?

Capital One has previously offered a 20% transfer bonus to its two hotel transfer partners. They are Accor Live Limitless and Wyndham Rewards.

Does It Cost Money to Transfer Capital One Miles?

It’s free to transfer Capital One Venture and Spark Miles to the airline and hotel partners. As the redemption value is 1 cent when redeeming miles directly through Capital One, you should compare the redemption value directly from the carrier to decide is the better value.

Do All Capital One Venture Credit Cards Transfer Miles?

Yes, all Capital One Venture family credit cards have full access to the Capital One airline and hotel transfer partners. This also includes the VentureOne Rewards credit card with no annual fee. All Venture family cards are eligible for the Capital One transfer bonuses too.

It’s common for other credit card programs to have limited or no point transfer capabilities for their no-annual-fee cards.

Dig Deeper: Best No Annual Fee Travel Credit Cards

Do All Capital One Spark Business Credit Cards Transfer Miles?

Only the Spark Miles Select, Spark Miles, and Venture X Business credit cards offer point transfer capabilities and the corresponding transfer bonuses. None of the Spark Cash products support point transfers as you earn cash back instead of travel rewards.

When applying for a Capital One Spark Business Card, you must decide whether to earn miles or cash back. However, be aware that Capital One reports business credit activity to personal credit reports.

Final Thoughts on Transfer Bonuses for Capital One

In conclusion, you can anticipate a handful of Capital One transfer bonuses each year, but you will need to be patient as they only last for a month at a time. Additionally, they only apply for one airline partner instead of the entire transfer partner portfolio. As you can usually get up to 25% more miles, it can be a valuable opportunity if that airline is flying to your desired destination.

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