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Reddit is a network of communities where people can dive into their interests, hobbies and passions. It’s like a social news site and forum for conversations about practically everything and there’s a community for whatever you’re interested in. For instance, there’s a community specific to many airlines with an active and knowledgeable subscriber base. It’s similar to FlyerTalk, though not as advanced.

In the United Airlines community, which has over 75,000 members and is not affiliated with the airline in any way, the moderator states: “Yes, you can complain. We’re not shills. I ban shills. Promise. Special flairs: If you’re a United employee or Global Services member, PM /u/Player72 with proof (ID badge or similar) and you can get a special flair. Don’t come in here with a low quality rant without any additional information. You can complain, just don’t be an idiot and make sure you ELABORATE on the issue if you need our advice.”

And complain people do! User Pickles4804 posted a nasty photo and a caption that read: “Blood on wall, FA does nothing” and goes on to say: “Flying IAH-MEM with what appears to be blood all over the wall. Rang the call button and the FA asked if it was “wet or dry”… as if I’m supposed to find out myself. He then touches it… confirms it’s dry and proceeds to do nothing. Not clean it, not offer a wipe. Just says “it’s dry” and goes about his business. What the actual f?!”

Blood on wall, FA does nothing
byu/Pickles4804 inunitedairlines

Obviously, this is not only disgusting but it’s a health hazard as many of the commenters pointed out. It also didn’t technically happen on a United Airlines airplane but rather their regional jet, which is outsourced through Mesa Airlines. But the plane still has United’s livery on it.

Here are some of the comments, which you are probably already know or are thinking about yourself:

Ozkeewowow: “That’s ridiculous. Were you on a regional flight? A cleaning crew should have been called out. Very sorry for this.” Pickles4804 replied with “Yeah – CRJ700 so I guess this is technically Mesa’s fault :/” Note: He later clarifies he was on a CRJ900 as Mesa doesn’t have CRJ700s.

LBBflyer: “Mesa is a disgrace of an airline. They barely keep their fleet of CRJ9s airworthy. I actively avoid them, no matter who they are flying for.”

jewsh-sfw: “Mesa is the worst lol they also pay the worst so can’t say im shocked they dont care 🤷‍♂️ they should but they make so little i doubt they do.”

Rapiret, who has a United Employee badge writes: “Technically cleaners are separate contractors (vary by the station so I’m not sure which one was used for this) but it wouldn’t be Mesa’s sole fault here either. The cleaning team is also seriously at fault for that.”

Bobster031, a MileagePlus Member recommended: “Post this publicly on Twitter/X. That is the fastest way to get a reaction from the airline, as it’s visible to the public, and the public can see how they react to your picture.”

PURPLECARROTYUM: “You know we get constant lessons on hazardous materials, but this was dry, right? I am surprised he even touched it. If it was blood, he should have called on someone to immediately clean it, and shame on the cleaners who ignored it and the pax who didn’t notify someone of this mess. That’s terrible.”

Happy_Promise_2762: “Does anyone at United even care? Why are they not monitoring this sub?”

If something like this ever happens to you, point it out to the flight attendant immediately, preferably before they close the door so they can have someone quickly clean it. If you spot it after takeoff, then report it to the flight attendant so they can either clean it on the spot or write it up when they land. If the flight attendant does nothing, like what happened to Pickles4804, take a picture and share it on social media since that will get an immediate response. Also ask to be reseated to somewhere that’s safer. And don’t forget to always pack disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer when you travel.

This is just another reminder how filthy planes are and fortunately, this was visible. There’s plenty of nastiness that you can’t see, especially what’s in the seatback pocket. Read this if you dare.


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