Bilt Neighborhood Dining is just one way to earn Bilt Points and credit card points at restaurants. This dining rewards program is expanding with another 20,000 locations nationwide. This is one of the most requested features from Bilt members and it’s easier to earn rewards at home and while traveling.

What is Bilt Neighborhood Dining?

Bilt Dining is one part of the Bilt Neighborhood Rewards program which allows members to link a credit card or debit card and earn Bilt Points at participating restaurants and bars. The program is now partnering with Seated and Rewards Network to weave another 20,000 dining partners into the program for point-earning opportunities. It also partners directly with restaurant groups and chefs to offer dining reward points.

Previously, the rewards locations were relatively slim with restaurants in a handful of major metro areas. These additions make it possible for more members to benefit from the program and use Bilt Dining more frequently.

You can participate if you live in a Bilt Alliance rental property or by simply linking your preferred payment card. Bilt World Elite Mastercard® can benefit the most from this program by earning 3x Bilt Points on dining plus the Bilt Neighborhood Dining bonus.

Further, the loyalty program teases at launching additional dining perks later in 2024.

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How to Earn Bilt Dining Points

First, link your preferred debit card or credit card to your Bilt Wallet. It can be any Visa, Mastercard, or American Express credit card if you don’t have a Bilt credit card.

Next, find participating restaurants in the Bilt mobile app and pay with your linked card. Tap the “Neighborhood” tab to view nearby locations or those in major U.S. metro areas.

Another neat capability is that the app may grey out your linked card at select restaurants if the payment method is linked to other dining rewards programs connected to the dining establishment which may prevent you from earning Bilt Points. Conveniently, the app lets you toggle your Bilt account to earn rewards and disenroll from the conflicting program.

After paying, you earn points that are some of the most valuable for award travel with a 25% redemption bonus and many 1:1 point transfer options to airlines and hotels. Cash back, rent payments, and other redemption options are available too.

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Restaurant purchases are a consistent and popular way to earn bonus points with many travel loyalty programs. Having at least 20,000 Bilt Neighborhood Dining locations makes it possible to make each meal more rewarding and it’s nearly effortless to link your favorite rewards credit card to earn credit card points and Bilt points simultaneously.

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