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Are you looking for a checking account with more rewards? You’re in luck as we’ve rounded up the best checking account bonuses, giving you an excellent place to start. If you’re wondering if bank bonuses are worth it, know that banks are willing to reward your loyalty by giving you cash rewards.

The Best Checking Account Bonuses for 2023

It’s easy to solely focus on maximizing credit card bonuses but overlook checking accounts. After all, credit cards tend to be more exciting and are usually advertised more frequently. However, having the right checking account can both pad your wallet and make it easy to access your cash.

However, note that before applying for any bonus, make sure you read the bonus offer details. Look for any potential fees that you may be able to waive. You don’t want to give back your earnings to the bank because of extra fees.

Chase Bank

Chase Business Complete Banking

If you’re interested in a business account, check out the Chase Business Complete Banking℠ option. There are also multiple ways to waive the Monthly Service Fee, including maintaining a minimum daily balance or purchases on your Chase Ink® Business credit card.

New Chase Business Complete Banking℠ applicants can earn $300 when they open a new Chase Business Complete Checkingaccount. For new Chase business checking customers with qualifying activities. This offer expires on 05/18/2023.

Chase First Banking

The information for the Chase First Banking℠ has been collected independently by Johnny Jet. The card details on this page have not been reviewed or provided by the card issuer.

Another option worth mentioning is a Chase First Banking℠ account, a debit card for kids ages 6-17 with no monthly service fee. Kids can also learn to spend, save and earn—all from the Chase Mobile® app.

While it can be used by parents to help teach their teens and kids money management, you must be an existing Chase checking customer to open a Chase First Banking℠ account. There is a $0 minimum balance to open the account and a $0 monthly service fee.

Parents can set limits on where and how money is spent as well as how much can be withdrawn at ATMs.

However, there is a non-Chase ATM fee ($3.00 for inquiries, transfers and withdrawals while using a non Chase ATM in the US, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands. Fees from the ATM owner/network still apply. $5 per withdrawal and $3.00 for any transfers or inquiries at ATMs outside the U.S., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Fees from the ATM owner/network still apply).

Additionally, alerts can be set up to keep track of expenses. Parents can also pay allowances through the Chase Mobile app.

While this doesn’t come with a specific bonus, it is still worth mentioning in our best checking account bonuses list due to the option to teach younger generations the importance of financial responsibility.

CIT Bank

The CIT Bank eChecking account doesn’t offer a signup bonus but offers these perks:

  • No monthly service fees
  • The entire account balance earns interest
  • Up to $30 in monthly non-network ATM fee reimbursements
  • Online bill pay

The minimum initial deposit is $100. You do not need to enroll in direct deposit or maintain a minimum balance, hassles that some of the other banks require to earn a bonus or waive the monthly service fee. Having an average daily balance of at least $25,000 waives the $10 outgoing wire transfer fee.

An eChecking account can be your best option if you want a (mostly) fee-free checking account or only have a small amount of cash to deposit. Two incidental fees you might pay are a $30 overdraft fee and a 1% fee for international purchases and ATM withdrawals. While CIT Bank is an online-only bank, you have plenty of ways to access your cash. For instance, you can transfer money to friends using Zelle®, Samsung Pay, or Apple Pay.

Savings Options Worth Mentioning

CIT Bank has several savings account options you may like as well. The CIT Bank Money Market Account requires a $100 initial deposit. Unlike other money market products, this one doesn’t come with a debit card or paper checks. But you can enroll in online bill pay and can make up to six free monthly withdrawals. This account can be a good option if you don’t want separate savings and checking accounts.

The CIT Bank Savings Builder High Yield Savings Account can motivate you to save at least $100 each month.

Each account can have higher interest rates and make it easier to waive the monthly service fee than most brick-and-mortar banks.

Chime Bank

The information for Chime Bank has been collected independently by Johnny Jet. The card details on this page have not been reviewed or provided by the card issuer.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t have a specific bonus but it is worth considering in your options of the best checking account bonuses. Chime Bank offers a free Spending Account that’s similar to checking accounts that banks offer. There are no monthly account fees and you get a free Visa debit card. You cannot get a paper checkbook but Chime will mail checks of up to $5,000 for free within the 50 states and Washington, D.C.

Your Chime Spending Account includes these perks:

  • Free-free SpotMe overdraft protection
  • Receive direct deposits up to two days early
  • Over 38,000 fee-free ATMs (MoneyPass and Visa Plus Alliance networks)
  • Instant money transfers to other Chime members
  • $0 initial deposit
  • No minimum balance requirement

You can qualify for free SpotMe overdraft protection when you receive at least $500 in monthly direct deposits. Your overdraft protection limit is between $20 and $100. Chime uses your next deposit to repay the negative payment balance.

Your Chime Visa debit card can make fee-free withdrawals at MoneyPass and Visa Plus Alliance ATMs across the United States. If you forget your card, the Chime App lets you instantly freeze and unfreeze your card.

Savings Accounts Worth Mentioning

One downside of opening a Chime Bank Spending Account is no signup bonus. Chime Bank is a good option if you’re new to banking or want a simple fee-free account. If you transfer money to friends often, Chime Bank has fewer instant transfer capabilities than other banks. You can make instant transfers to other Chime members using Chime’s Pay Friends mobile app. Chime supports other third-party payment apps including Apple Pay and Google Pay.

It’s possible to make up for the lack of a Spending Account bonus by stashing your extra cash into a High Yield Chime Savings Account. You won’t pay a monthly account fee with this savings account either.

You can optimize your spending and savings accounts by enabling savings round-ups with your Chime debit card. Chime can round up your debit card purchases and transfer the round-up to your savings account. It’s also possible to schedule recurring transfers from each Spending Account direct deposit.


If you live in a region served by one of the brick-and-mortar banks, this can be a fun way to add some extra cash to your wallet. Banks may only offer these banks to new customers. If you can achieve the bonus offer requirements, it can be worth opening a new bank account. Hopefully one of these best checking account bonus options works for you.


Which banks offer a bonus for opening an account?

Most national banks offer one-time signup bonuses for new bank customers. It’s possible to earn bonuses for opening new checking and savings accounts. How much you can earn depends on which account you open and the bonus requirements.

For instance, offers that require larger initial deposits or direct deposits tend to offer higher bonus payouts.

Some of the banks to consider looking at first include:

  • Chase
  • Citi
  • Bank of America
  • Wells Fargo
  • PNC
  • Fifth Third Bank
  • US Bank
  • HSBC
  • TD Bank

You are less likely to find bonus offers for online-only banks. However, it’s easier to avoid ongoing fees that traditional banks usually charge.

Are the best checking account bonuses taxable?

Yes, any bonus cash you earn from a checking account or savings account signup offers is taxable income. When your bank sends you a Form 1099 tax form to report your taxable interest earned for the calendar year, this form will include your bonus cash too.

Paying income tax is one downside of checking account bonuses. To avoid this tax, you may focus on earning credit card signup bonuses which are not subject to taxes under current tax rules.

Which bank is best to open a checking account?

The best bank to open a checking account mostly depends on where you live. Most brick-and-mortar banks require you to enter your zip code to see your available account options. For example, you may live in an area served by Chase Bank but not by Bank of America.

To easily avoid fees, consider joining an online bank like Capital One 360 or Discover Bank. If you don’t need local branch access, this is a free way to get a debit card and have a place to enroll in direct deposit.

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