When it comes to protecting yourself away from home with travel insurance, it’s important to find the plan that’s right for you. You want one that will cover what you want it to—no more, and certainly no less—so you don’t pay any more than you need to. I have an annual plan with Allianz Global Assistance, but not everybody travels enough to make an annual plan worthwhile.

One of the newest plans out there is Allianz’s Travelers Protection Plan, which is designed to be uniquely lean, flexible and affordable. It consists of “post-departure” benefits only, which means, among other things, no trip cancellation insurance. If you’ve put a lot of money into an upcoming trip, you might want trip cancellation insurance—and to look at another plan.

If you’re not looking for trip cancellation insurance, however, this means more money saved—and more flexibility. The Travelers Protection Plan offers $50,000 in emergency medical benefits and $250,000 in emergency medical evacuation with incredibly low premiums (if you’re in your 30s and traveling for fewer than 21 days, it could cost as little as $29, while trips as long as 180 days could cost around $179); coverage for up to 180 days (compared to up to 45 days, which is commonly offered); and the flexibility to add up to 30 days to your plan on the fly (!).

Among the types of travelers who might stand to save:

  • Students studying abroad who need coverage for a full semester and flexibility to add on travel after a semester, etc.
  • Travel bloggers with plans to travel for up to six months and make changes on the fly, and with travel paid for
  • Spontaneous travelers who might extend a trip and want to be able to extend coverage to match
  • Business travelers without their own money invested in travel costs

Of course, every traveler is different, and that’s why it’s important to do your own research before choosing a plan. Here’s another post on the Travelers Protection Plan—which is only bookable by phone—from Allianz: 5 Reasons to Buy the Travelers Protection Plan. For even more, call 866-884-3556.

Disclaimer: Johnny Jet works as an ambassador for Allianz Global Assistance (AGA Service Company) and receives financial compensation.

For more information about Allianz Global, visit AllianzTravelInsurance.com.

2 Comments On "Allianz's New "Travelers Protection Plan": Is It for You?"
  1. Leslie Lamkin|

    This sounds like a good plan for me since my credit card offers trip cancellation insurance, so I really don’t need it. Also, when traveling overseas, my Medicare is useless and this would fill that gap. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Mike|

    Does this cover above and beyond the Medicare gap overseas coverage (like plan F)?

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