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If you read my post about The 10 Most Frequently Found Items (and the Most Expensive!) at the Unclaimed Baggage Center (UBC), then you will really appreciate their advice on how to reduce the risk of your items winding up in their shop. UBC has 53 years of experience in handling lost and unclaimed suitcases so I would take notes. Below are their tips to help travelers avoid lost luggage. RELATED: Airline Executive’s Number One Tip For Avoiding Lost Luggage When You Fly

Lost luggage at Toronto's Pearson International Airport.

1. Label Your Bag

The UBC says that the number one reason a bag gets lost and is unable to be reunited with its rightful owner is due to lack of identification. “Ensure a luggage tag is included on your suitcase with up-to-date contact information including your name, phone number, and email address. Label the inside of the luggage as well. This can be useful if the external tag becomes detached.” TIP: An American Airlines flight attendant warns that doing this with your luggage tag could put you at risk.

2. Remove Old Tags

“Be sure to remove any old baggage tags from previous trips,” they advise. “These tags can cause confusion for baggage handlers.” We recently ran a story about a California airport baggage handler who explained more in this video.

3. Make Your Bag Stand Out

A unique bag is less likely to be taken by someone else by mistake and is easier to identify if it does get lost. The UBC says to “choose luggage that stands out or attach unique identifiers such as a distinct luggage tag, belt, or ribbons.” My wife and I love to travel with ROAM suitcases, which are fully customizable. You’ll never spot anyone else with the same bag as you. Here’s more about ROAM luggage and why we love it so much. PLUS: Use this link to get $50 off your purchase.

4. Use GPS Tracking Devices

If your luggage does get lost, you’ll be glad you popped a tracking device inside so you can locate it yourself. There’s a reason that Apple AirTags are so popular. If you’re an Android user, check out the Android-compatible Chipolo trackers.

5. Carry-On Essentials

“Pack important documents, medications, valuable items, and a change of clothes in your carry-on bag,” advises the UBC. “This ensures you have essential items with you even if your checked luggage is temporarily misplaced.”

6. Be Patient and Persistent

If your luggage does go missing, the UBC reminds you to remain patient and persistent when working with airline personnel. “They are there to help you locate your belongings.”

Unfortunately, I’ve never been to the Unclaimed Baggage Center but I hear from friends that it’s huge and that prices aren’t as discounted as you might expect. I still want to go and check it out for myself. Have you been? What did you think of it?


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