Can you believe Father’s Day is just around the corner?! I’m fortunate to have an incredible dad who has shown me nothing but love since I was born. When I moved from Connecticut to California to go to college and then decided to stay (can you blame me?), I made it a point to visit my parents as often as I could. After my mom passed away, I started taking my dad on trips and we travel together every two to three months. In the past 15 years, we’ve been to over 20 countries together, which isn’t too shabby. I know that the gifts featured below would make for some great gifts for your dad or yourself, if you’re a dad too. I’m looking forward to being on the other end of Father’s Day next year (my wife is five-months pregnant!).

I’ve partnered with TravelSmith to find 10 great travel gifts for fathers who love to travel.

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1 Bottle Prot_edited
1. Set of 2 Bottle Protectors ($25.00)
There aren’t too many fathers out there who don’t like to drink wine. It can be frustrating when you find an amazing bottle or two of wine on your travels but don’t want to risk having them break in your checked baggage. After the carry-on liquid rules went into effect, I know I stopped traveling with bottles of wine. Good news: TravelSmith sells a set of 2 bottle protectors that will make transporting wine or olive oil much safer in checked luggage. These padded sleeves, made of something called ‘ripstop nylon’ have a padded PVC lining to prevent breakage. If they do break, they seal the contents with two leak-stopping, zip closures and a foldover Velcro strip making it nearly impossible for the contents to leak out and ruin everything else in your suitcase. Each sleeve holds a standard 750ml bottle.
2 Tilley_edited
2. Tilley AIRFLO Hat ($84.00)
After my skin cancer scare (I had squamous cell carcinoma removed from my lip), I’ve become vigilant about putting sunscreen on and wearing a wide brim hat. My favorite hats are from Tilley because their hats are so reliable, they are guaranteed for life. The wide brim hats not only block the sun but they have built-in UPF50+! They are water-resistant, they float and have a built-in Velcro security pocket to stash a key card and cash. Your head won’t get too hot either since it has a mesh crown inset for cooling ventilation and you can wash them in your washing machine.
3 Bungee
3. Bag Bungee ($15.00)
I don’t check bags but I can cruise around airports and/or cities easily thanks to the simplest invention. It’s a lightweight bungee cord that allows me to travel with my roller brief case and duffle bag without having to juggle or balance them. I’ve been using something called the Lug Buddy for years but they no longer make them. Instead, this new and improved gadget is called the Bag Bungee. My wife uses one on for her standard carryon roller bag and her shoulder tote bag so she can easily keep up with me when we’re running down the corridor for a flight!
4 Shorts
4. Men’s ExOfficio Nomad Shorts ($60.00)
When I travel to warm climates, I only pack a few pairs of shorts. One of them are these classic hiking shorts that have a relaxed fit and transition easily between city-wear and treks through the woods. They’re made with a teflon treatment to resist water and stains, and makes them quick drying. On top of that, they are lightweight and offer UPF30+ sun protection. They have five pockets: two in front, a zip pocket in back, a drop-in gadget pocket with hook-and-loop closure on right leg, and a flap pocket with hook-and-loop closure on left leg.
5 Boxers_edited
5. ExOfficio Quick-Dry Boxers ($26.00)
Another piece of clothing you will always find in my carry-on are these ExOfficio Quick-Dry Boxers. I carry a week’s worth and if I can’t find a washing machine, I can wash them in a sink and they will dry overnight, if not faster. They are made with a silky nylon and Lycra fabric that stretches for comfort and fights bacteria.
6 Jacket
6. RFID-Blocking Washable Wool Varsity Blazer ($199.00 – $209.00)
Here’s a stylish travel blazer that features a 10-pocket system, including one with a revolutionary secret zip pocket lined with RFID-blocking material. This feature protects your passport and ID from cyber-thieves. The jacket is easy to travel with since it can be machine washed.
7 Scottevest
7. Men’s SCOTTeVEST Sterling Jacket ($150.00)
I bet your dad will love Scottevest’s multiple hidden pockets because they not only keep valuables safe, but can also act as an extra carry-on! I’m a huge fan and use their products every time I travel. With 24 pockets to stash your travel essentials, including one that is lined with RFID-blocking material, it will keep important documents safe and secure from identity theft. They have a patented system of internal guides that allows you to run headphones from one of the pockets to your ears so you can groove on the move. You can even connect a battery in one pocket to a device in the other. And, if it gets too warm, simply remove the sleeves to convert the jacket into a vest.
8 Belt_edited
8. Leather Money Belt ($49.00)
I’m starting to think that a father’s job is to make sure that you always have enough money and to keep it safe. One way to do it when you travel is to wear this leather money belt, which can hold several folded bills in its hidden 18″ zipper compartment. I’m sure your kids will be impressed when they see you bust out the money like you’re 007.
9 Bag
9. Pacsafe Citysafe LS75 RFID Crossbody Travel Bag ($79.00)
I recently wrote a post called: 5 Great Travel Products for Women to Keep Valuables Safe. One of the products featured was a Pacsafe Crossbody bag. That’s because one of the basic rules of travel, which I always see tourists break, is hanging their bag/purse on their shoulder or on their back, instead of wearing it across the front of their body. You should always wear a crossbody bag and keep your arm over it – especially in crowded places or on public transportation. This Pacsafe crossbody bag is made with hidden slashguard panels, a slashguard steel-cable adjustable strap, tamperproof zippers and a turn-and-lock hook that lets you secure the strap to a fixed object. There are two zip compartments: one sized to fit an iPad mini; the other has a Velcro flap RFID pocket that protects the personal data embedded on your passport, credit cards and ID. There are also numerous other pockets to keep your belongings organized and safe.
10 Hawaiian
10. Tori Richard Boat Day Hawaiian Shirt ($92.00)
I’m heading to the islands soon so I’ve included this because I would love to have one of these Tori Richard shirts myself! It turns out that Tori Richard has been crafting authentic Hawaiian shirts in Honolulu for more than 50 years. This stylish Japanese fabric is exclusive to Tori Richard and is a remarkably soft, crease-resistant, breathable cotton designed to handle heat and humidity with style. It’s also made with mother-of-pearl buttons. It’s so cool I might just wear it around my town as well.

So there you have it. If you have a special father in your life who loves to travel, I bet he would appreciate one, if not all, of these gifts.

GOOD TO KNOW: Use the promo code JOHNNY for 15% off and free shipping on orders of at least $50!

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  1. Yvonne|

    My husband’s favorite travel gift? Bose noise-cancelling headphones. He loves his family, but if he rejuvenates with some quiet time, everybody’s a lot happier!

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