My wife and I just returned from a European river cruise. We sailed the river Rhine from Basel, Switzerland to Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Everyone had an incredible time except for two passengers who had their wallets pickpocketed while on a shore excursion. The most disturbing part of the theft is that their wallets were taken while we were in the semi-crowded Mainz Cathedral in Germany.  I’m sure the thieves will pay for their sins on the other side if Karma doesn’t catch up with them sooner.

There are a number of ways to prevent your valuables from being pickpocketed, including not ever letting your guard down. But this can be very difficult to do, especially with all of the distraction tactics experienced pickpockets use! But the other thing you can do is get the right travel accessories. That’s where these five great travel products for women to keep valuables safe come in. They’ll also give you peace of mind!

All of these product picks can be found on and are mostly geared towards women. Stay tuned for my picks for men next month!

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Crossover Bag1. Pacsafe Metrosafe LS200 Crossbody Bag ($84.00)
One of the basic rules of travel, which I always see tourists break, is hanging their bag/purse on their shoulder or on their back, instead of wearing it across the front of their body. You should always wear a crossbody bag and keep your arm over it – especially in crowded places or on public transportation. This Pacsafe Metrosafe is equipped with RFID-blocking technology and is water-repellent. The best part is that it has essential anti-theft features built in like tamperproof zippers, slashproof front and bottom panels, and a slashproof shoulder strap. The padded electronics pocket holds a tablet; front zip organizer has a large slip pocket, pen slot and key clip. The “Lockabout” security clip safeguards your zipper from roaming hands. It also has water bottle sleeves on each side. So, while there are plenty of crossbody bags on the market, this one is designed specifically to prevent theft.
2. Coversafe S100 Secret Waist Belt
This is designed with a woman’s shape in mind as the lingerie-weight pouch fits sleekly under pants or skirts for stealth-level travel. It comfortably stores a passport, credit cards and cash in its zippered compartment and has an adjustable waist strap.
3. Eagle Creek Bra Stash ($13.95)
Here’s another product that will make you feel like a glamorous undercover agent. This slim, silk safety stash is perfect for concealing your bills and ID. It’s designed to provide a secure solution for any type of outfit, it’s naturally sturdy and moisture-wicking. Plus, it’s soft and comfortable against the skin… or so they say.
Scarf4. SHOLDIT Infinity Clutch Wrap ($39.00)
In case it’s chilly out like many spring days or summer nights in the mountains, this scarf lets you leave your purse behind. The best part is that you can carry your valuables in style—without tipping off would-be thieves. SHOLDIT is a lightweight knit infinity scarf with one hidden zip security pocket that keeps your hands free. Safely storing your wallet, phone, passport, camera, keys and makeup, it can be worn around your neck or shoulders like a scarf. Folds into the pocket to form a compact travel pouch. My wife just added this to her wish list.
caddy5. Waterproof Caddy ($27.00)
This is the perfect place for men or woman to stash their wallet while on a cruise, beach or strolling a promenade. What’s great about this caddy is that you can store a phone or small camera along with your money and then take it swimming with you to keep them safe and dry. No worrying about crooks stealing your belongings on the beach while you enjoy the water! The outer bag is made of nylon and the two interior plastic pouches are waterproof (certified to 60 meters when sealed properly). The waist strap extends to 46 inches.

With products like these you can spend a lot less time worrying about your valuables getting stolen and a lot more time enjoying your travels!

GOOD TO KNOW: Use the promo code JOHNNY for 15% off and free shipping on orders of at least $50!

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  1. Phyllis Stoller|

    Buy one pair of travel trousers a size too big and keep your money belt under your waist. Then you can eat to your heart’s content also. Seriously, a pair of LL Bean pants with pockets comes with a stretchy waistline and a size too big allows you to hid even thick money belts.

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