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Ever since I started traveling with children, I began traveling with edge protectors. If you have small children, they’re a must because they protect kids from sharp corners. They’re small and lightweight and so easy to throw in your suitcase.

Before I had kids, I never really worried or even thought about sharp corners but now they keep me up at night. You would be shocked how many hotel rooms are designed with ridiculously sharp edges that would make Arnold Schwarzenegger concerned, from night tables to desks.

If you have kids you need to bring at least four but sometimes eight isn’t even enough. But I carry two in my carry-on just in case we forget them or if I come across a sharp corner when I travel for business. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever used one for just myself except at my latest hotel, where I’m writing this from now, the Westin Carlsbad Resort and Spa. It’s a solid hotel (review coming soon!) They have these good-looking, built-in reading lights recessed into the headboard that are, simply put, dangerous because the two protruding edges are sharp as knives. Any kid jumping on the bed could get seriously injured but even an adult sitting up in the middle of the night could get hurt.

So I popped an edge protector on both my bed and the kids’.

These are the ones I travel with and that we have at home. I put the brown ones on white tables and the white ones on dark tables so they’re more easily visible and I don’t forget them when I’m packing up and leaving a hotel room. That’s the worst part – they’re easily forgettable.

I wish more hotels offered babyproofing and the only hotel room I’ve ever seen babyproofed was at the Four Seasons San Francisco. They did an amazing job. Buy edge protectors here.

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