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WeGoI received a great app recommendation (iOS and Android) from a listener of Leo Laporte’s The Tech Guy show:

“Hi Johnny, I enjoy listening to you on The Tech Guy. I travel quite frequently and wanted to recommend a great app I use HERE WeGo (I am not associated with them). Besides being a great free navigation app (driving + walking + public transportation) you can download high quality maps of entire countries (for free) so you do not need to use mobile data abroad. This app saved me hundreds of euros by avoiding to rent GPS devices in rental cars. You can also save favorite locations in folders. I use this function to sort out destinations in cities I visit frequently.”

Thanks, Jason, for the recommendation! I just downloaded HERE WeGo for free from the App Store. It has a high rating (four out of five stars).


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  1. Patrick B|

    HERE WeGo app has guided me through a couple of trips to Ireland. I don’t purchase data on my phone, so having offline maps is a must. Simply download the country (abroad) or state (US) and you’re ready to go. Even the navigatition is well done. The app is customizable.

    I’ve tried a couple of other offline alternatives. They simply don’t compare in ease of use and functionality.

    On you next trip here or abroad give HERE WeGo a try.

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