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Always check to make sure your connecting room door is locked (if you have one). Recently, while staying at the Hyatt Regency in Denver, I noticed that the lock was on the left (like it was unlocked). I thought it was weird, so I went to check and sure enough it was unlocked. If the occupants in the other room opened their connecting door, they could’ve entered without a problem.

Watch the video above for more!

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2 Comments On "Video: Make Sure Your Connecting Room Door Is Locked"
  1. Tammy|

    Johnny, it’s great that you mentioned this. A few months ago I was in a Marriott and noticed the adjoining room door was actually not fully closed. It was so subtle an opening, I almost didn’t notice. I had just checked into the room and happened to lean my suitcase there, and the door moved slightly. In my case, the only way to lock it was to get hotel staff to come up with a key. Which I did, pronto! They were apologetic, of course, and I was glad I’d noticed before I’d left my belongings in the room or gone to bed for the night.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Good to know! Thanks for sharing

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