Chalk one up for the airlines. I have to tell you, I’m so sick and tired of reading about and seeing poorly mannered, entitled people travel that I’m happy to see airlines sticking up for what’s right.

Every day, I read the travel news and there’s always at least one story of a person misbehaving. I’ve encountered it myself on three of my last four flights. I’ve seen passengers who were so rude or worse.

The first one was when a passenger sitting across the aisle from me on an LAX to Miami flight kept pulling his mask up every time the flight attendant walked by him and down again once the flight attendant had passed. He repeatedly coughed without covering his mouth and then picked his nose and ate it. Seriously, who the heck does this?

Second was on my flight back to L.A. with my dad. In the Miami airport, there were three young women in their late teens/early twenties who everyone could hear almost got in a fight a hundred yards away. Then they came strolling through our gate area screaming profanities with their masks off and two little kids (around four) following close behind.

I couldn’t keep my mouth shut so I yelled at them to watch their language around little kids. That’s when another woman said, “Those are my kids!” So I said, “What a great role model you are.” She then started calling me a white man and some obscenities but kept walking. When they reached the end of the E Gates, they made their way back, still screaming at the world and at me and anyone who looked at them. Not one MIA or AA employee said a word. It was like they’re used to it.

The third was when my wife and kids flew New York to L.A. in American’s swanky First Class and a passenger in front of us wouldn’t get off his phone before takeoff, even after the flight attendant asked him multiple times. He continued to talk for another minute like she wasn’t there and she was standing over him threatening to taxi back to the gate to boot him off. As she went to call the pilot he hung up but what a jerk. Is it that difficult not to be like this?

I realize a lot of people are full of pent-up stress from having their lives upended due to the pandemic but isn’t this the time we should all be so happy and thankful that we’re traveling again? It doesn’t seem like it and this woman in the video below is a prime example.

According to KNX1070 radio: “An American Airlines gate agent is getting major props for standing up for a flight attendant while talking to a passenger who had just been booted from a Miami-bound flight at DFW Airport. According to the video, the flight attendant claimed, and was backed up by other passengers, that the passenger had called her ‘the B-word’ during a dispute over a mask. Viral video shows a masked supervisor advising the passenger that among other things, “you can find another carrier to fly. I’d suggest Spirit.”

10 Comments On "VIDEO: American Airlines Denies Boarding To Abusive Passenger"
  1. Dan Nainan|

    This is so awesome! Good for that agent and the line about Spirit is hilarious!

  2. Shar|

    Absolutely great when your boss has your back!! Love it!! Kudos to him!

  3. David Miller|

    Typical Karen

  4. Mark B|

    More supervisors should handle rude people the same way. This person got what she deserved. Hopefully more videos like this will be made public in hopes that other rude passengers know such behavior will not be tolerated. Good for the supervisor

  5. Charles W Spurgeon|

    Three cheers for the gate agent, and a good spanking for the “lady” who has no sense of decency in public. Thanks too for your accounts of bad behavior on various trips. To a senior citizen like me, the agents and attendants are our protectors, and we depend on them so heartily support them.

  6. James Patterson|

    Way to go! Good to see a supervisor stand up and tell the passenger what is right!!

  7. Paco|

    I will not be flying anytime soon, but kudos to the gate agent for backing up his employees. This type of behavior must have serious consequences or it will never stop. ZERO TOLERANCE!

  8. Connie|

    Wonderful job by the supervisor! Kudos!

  9. Jim Suss|

    Love this. The more of these “people” that are permanently banned from traveling on every airline, the better.

  10. DoYourThang|

    Kudos to Mr. Manager who did the right thing. Finally. Abusive, non compliant passengers cost the airline industry money when they act out because of delays, arrests, diversions, manpower, etc. It cuts into the bottom line. Do the airlines need their business? The answer is no. Stop them in their tracks, refuse boarding, permanently ban them from all commercial flying and sue them for any costs if there are delays or diversions. Let them hitchhike. Unfortunately, mental illness is rampant in the USA and we are seeing it every single day wherever we go. Throw in addictions and bad manners and you get an implosion.

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