Cherry blossoms in Washington, DC (Photo: Caitlin Martin)
Cherry blossoms in Washington, DC (Photo: Caitlin Martin)

The US Department of Commerce projects visitor growth from China to the US will increase by 172 percent to 3.1 million visitors by 2019, which will make China the third-largest international market of visitors to the US. This means we’ll be seeing more tourists from China than Germany, Brazil, Japan, and the United Kingdom (and others) in the future.

So, what do/will Chinese tourists want? A study conducted by Allianz Global Assistance and its #HELPME Forums Observatory sought to understand the needs of Chinese tourists. The points below are helpful in the effort, especially as travel professionals begin to plan travel offerings to meet the growing need of the Chinese tourist.

1. Family travel
Chinese travelers tend to travel with parents. Their culture is deeply rooted in family, particularly regarding responsibility towards one’s parents. They are looking for ways to make it easier to organize family trips.

2. Avoid traveling alone
Chinese travelers often avoid traveling alone and prefer to be with members of their families or with a travel companion. They use blogs to try to find the right companion, exchange ideas and get to know one another better before travel.

3. Share photos
Like the rest of the world, they like to share their photos and videos frequently posting on forums and social media. Chinese travelers tend to be avid enthusiasts when it comes to immortalizing the countries they visit through photos and videos.

4. Travel preparation
They are prepared when they travel and have a plan. Chinese tourists have shown high interest in researching outdoor activities. Activities they come prepared for include climbing, horseback riding and cycling.

5. Sports
They are interested in winter sports, in particular. With the rising standard of living in China, more and more of its residents now ski, and with the support of artificial snow, new ski resorts are starting to spring up throughout China.

6. Car travel
The car is a status symbol in China and very closely linked to the growth of the middle class. Chinese talk about their next destinations, share their experiences and also offer advice about the best roads to use or to avoid.

7. Cruises
Chinese tourists are discussing cruises amongst themselves and reading about how their compatriots feel about this new means of travel, which up until very recently has remained mostly unknown.

The #HELPME Forums Observatory was conducted between May 15, 2014 and June 15, 2015 across 11 countries: 8 European countries (Germany, Austria, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom) as well as Australia, China and the United States. Disclaimer: has partnered with and receive financial compensation from Allianz Global Assistance. However, the opinions expressed in this post are mine based on the findings of the Vacation Confidence Index.

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