Two of Canada’s largest airlines just released new videos this week and they’re both worth watching. The first one, by WestJet, entitled “Love where you’re going. Again” is short (one minute) and sweet and will bring you close to shedding a tear.

YouTube video

The second one is Air Canada’s new safety video, entitled, An Ode to Canada. It showcases Canada’s spectacular scenery in each of its 13 provinces and territories through all four seasons. Unfortunately, it’s really long because it’s in both of Canada’s official languages, English and French. I think they should have done it in both languages but separately. They would have kept my attention that way but they didn’t.

Regardless, you will find the scenery inspiring and in case you’re wondering about the locations and places featured, they are: Newfoundland & Labrador’s Gros Morne National Park; Manitoba’s Little Limestone Lake; Yukon’s winter; Ontario’s social hospitality; Northwest Territories’ Northern Lights; Nunavut’s vast expanse; Prince Edward Island’s Cavendish Beach; Alberta’s foothills; BC’s North Shore mountains; Saskatchewan’s wheat fields; Quebec’s art and culture experiences; Nova Scotia’s Lunenburg; New Brunswick’s Hopewell Cape.

YouTube video

Unfortunately, the Canadian airlines really left a bad taste in most Americans’ mouths because they refused to refund tickets even when they canceled flights during the pandemic. Now, they’re being threatened by the United States Department of Transportation with a $25 million fine. BTW: If you still have flight credits for either WestJet or Air Canada, now is a good time to turn them into cash as they’re now refunding past tickets.

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