Johnny Jet & Chris McGinnis on Seabourn in London
Johnny Jet & Chris McGinnis on Seabourn Cruises in London

Every Friday at 12 noon ET / 9am PT, travel expert Chris McGinnis (@cjmcginnis) and I (@JohnnyJet) host an hour-long Twitter chat using the hashtag #TravelSkills. Last week’s chat was on summer travel deals and our sponsor, @HolidayInn Resort brand, gave away two 2-night stays at any Holiday Inn Resort property (congrats @Shumpta and @curtislu)!

We are taking this Friday off because it’s a long weekend in America and most people will be traveling including us. However, here’s a quick recap of last week’s chat in case you missed it:


Q1 How far in advance do you start making your summer travel plans? #TravelSkills

Johnny Jet:

A1 I never know my schedule so I’m usually flying by the seat of my pants! #TravelSkills

TIP: Usually, the best time to book plane tickets is about 4 to 6 weeks out. #TravelSkills


A1 I made my Memorial Day plans in Feb! Early enuf to get 1 of 2 tickets using miles  #TravelSkills

TIP If planning trips for July 4 or Labor Day, now is the time to lock in decent rates #TravelSkills

TIP Unless you want to take the red-eye or make 3 stops along the way, book summer tickets NOW! #TravelSkills

TIP Best last minute summer deals: Colorado Rockies, Arizona spas, big city weekends, Vegas (baby) #Travelskills

TIP Summer weekdays in #Vegas are dirt cheap- who cares about the heat? #TravelSkills

Q2 What are YOUR summer travel plans? Where are you headed? #TravelSkills

Johnny Jet:

A2 I don’t tell people where I’m going until I get there. But I’ve got a busy schedule so follow me for clues this summer! #TravelSkills

A2 TIP: One of my favorite summer destinations is Nantucket. #TravelSkills


A2 I’m booked to New York City, Martha’s Vineyard, Tallahassee, Charleston & San Diego. You? #TravelSkills

A2 I won’t be going to Europe this summer- have you see July transatlantic fares? Wowza! #TravelSkills

TIP Business travelers avoid trips during peak vacation season June 21-Aug 10 #TravelSkills

TIP Biz travelers should always ask for a room away from squeals of hotel pool area in summer #TravelSkills

TIP Airlines say busiest days during peak summer season are Thurs and Fri #TravelSkills

Q3 Where do you look for the best deals on hotels? #TravelSkills

Johnny Jet:

A3 Sign up to hotel newsletters and follow them on Twitter to be notified of deals.


A3 Hotel Twitter & Facebook feeds offer great last minute deals to flexible travelers #TravelSkills

TIP Hotel websites guarantee lowest rates & offer rewards/rebate if cheaper elsewhere #TravelSkills

TIP Miami, New York and Honolulu has highest hotel rates in Q1 sez STR #TravelSkills

Q4 What’s your favorite budget destination? #TravelSkills

Johnny Jet:

A4 Southeast Asia is great for travelers on a budget. #TravelSkills

A4 TIP Get a package deal. #TravelSkills


A4 Florida panhandle is cheap & mostly unknown outside the South. White sand! #TravelSkills

TIP Convention-style hotels are super cheap on summer weekends. Great for spa, dining, romance XJX  #TravelSkills

TIP Summer in Colorado Rockies is best kept secret, and DEN has cheap flights #TravelSkills

Q5 What’s your preferred way to travel? Planes, trains or automobiles …. or boats? #TravelSkills

Johnny Jet:

A5 My name is Johnny Jet. Not Johnny Boat and not Johnny Car. Or Johnny Train. #TravelSkills

A5 TIP: If you’re traveling with a family, summer is great for road trips, especially across America. #TravelSkills


A5 Due to high fares, crazy fees and security delays, car trips are sounding pretty good! #TravelSkills

TIP Summer gasoline prices are expected moderate this summer, barely cracking avg of $3.60 #TravelSkills

Q6 What’s the best summer travel deal you’ve ever scored? #TravelSkills

Johnny Jet:

A6 Staying (for free!) at my brother’s place in Nantucket! #TravelSkills

A6 TIP: Visit family and friends #TravelSkills


A6 Backpacking thru Europe on $25 per day back in 1984! Seriously! #TravelSkills

TIP Don’t forget “summer” lasts thru Sept 21, but rates plummet after Labor Day #TravelSkills

TIP Airlines expect 209 million passengers June-Aug, up 1% from last year (which was busy!) #TravelSkills

Q7 Who likes to cruise during the summer months? #TravelSkills

Johnny Jet:

A7 I do. I love to cruise around Europe. My favorite cruise line is Seabourn. #TravelSkills

A7 TIP Go in a day or two early to your departure city to make sure you don’t miss the boat. Literally. #TravelSkills


A7 I would love to do a barge cruise along a European River during summer #TravelSkills

TIP Autumn is the cheapest time of year for cruises—esp last minute deals #TravelSkills

TIP Hurricanes rarely disrupt cruises. Ships are fast enough to steer clear of storms #TravelSkills

Q8 Do you rent a car when you travel? Where do you look for deals on car rentals? #TravelSkills

Johnny Jet:

A8 I check multiple websites. If prices aren’t reasonable, I put a bid on Priceline. #TravelSkills


A8 Since car rentals are a commodity, I book on last minute deal sites #TravelSkills

A8 My first choice is usually public transport if airport has a rail/subway station #TravelSkills

TIP Car rental prices declined 8% in 2012 sez Corp Travel Index #TravelSkills

TIP If you own a car, your car insurance likely covers u for rentals. But check first! #TravelSkills


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