Photo: Travelport
Photo: Travelport

Whether you’re in hotel management or corporate aviation, a business manager or a travel agent, or even just a traveler, you’ve probably benefited in some way from the technology of B2B company Travelport, whether you know it or not.

Travelport: a “travel commerce platform”
Travelport’s travel commerce platform is what provides the ability to reserve a hotel or buy an airplane ticket by aggregating information all in one place. Managers use their distribution, technology and payment solutions to buy, sell and make travel business decisions. Consumers use their technology directly when using an online travel agency like Expedia or Orbiz.

Photo: Travelport
Photo: Travelport

Travelport serves an $8 trillion global travel and tourism industry with enabling 3 billion transactions a day. The company has clients around the world including 400 airlines, 650,000 global hotel properties, 35,000 car rental companies, 12 major rail networks, and 67,000 travel agencies. For example, if you’ve ever flown on Delta or Emirates, you’ve benefited from this technology.

“We’re There”
Travelport recently released a video called “We’re There”—below—that showcases all the ways in which they help to transform the travel experience here. It’s an interesting video that really makes you understand how they’re involved in everything travel and how they redefine travel commerce. It concludes by saying that every trip and location shot in the video were searched, booked and paid for on the Travelport technology platform.

With the video, they are aiming to educate everyone from the business user to the end consumer about the technology behind travel from point A to point B and everything in between.

Be sure to check out the video “We’re There” and the Travelport website for more information on the Travelport story.

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