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I’ve written before about how to protect your privacy on planes in my Daily Travel Tip newsletter (sign up here) by using a 3M Privacy Filter. But this video from James Grande shows you in a real and funny way that’s there’s reason to want to keep those sneaky, snooping eyes away—especially if you’re doing work that’s confidential.

1 Comment On "Travel Video of the Week: Busted! Guy On Plane Can't Keep Eyes To Himself"
  1. The Guy Who Flies|

    That is very funny and good to see him busted in the end.

    Out of curiosity it would be interesting to see what was actually on the screen so we can see if the guy was looking at anything particularly interesting.

    We all know flights can be very dull so it is little wonder people’s eyes wonder to interesting things. Looking out of a dark window can soon become a bore.

    I think if I was on the computer I might just open up a Word document and start typing in large bold text “I know you are watching me” or something a little sinister to freak the other guy out ;-)

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