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Yesterday’s tip was to lower your voice while talking on your phone, and the phone’s ringer as well. I should’ve added a few more parts to that, all in the name of courteous travel: Make sure to turn your phone’s volume down so others can’t hear the person you’re speaking with (unless you’re hard of hearing), and turn your phone keypad and camera to silent too. It’s so annoying to hear the click-click-click noise when people are taking multiple photos—or worse, reviewing all of the photos they’ve taken.

It’s not that difficult to change the settings, and if you need help just Google your brand name, model and how to do it. That should do the trick—and make the other passengers very happy.


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2 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Turn Keypad to Silent"
  1. Tom Bown|

    Just a quick hint on speaking in a lower voice. when I am in a public place (plane, waiting room, bus, etc) I place the tip of my thumb of the hand holding the phone against my ear, thereby creating a small (1/4 in) of space that permits my voice to be heard better by me so I can tell if I am to loud. When you press the phone against your ear you muffle all sounds and loose sight of your volume. Try it!


  2. Jim|

    Fully agree with your comments. Have gone thru these experiences where people feel they are so important they have to talk out loud – rather then moving to a place where they can be less visible. I have had experiences in Doctor’s office where it states “TURN PHONE OFF” yet people ignor this. Somehow people feel that they have a right to be disrespectful when using their cell phone. It is more then likely the same ones who TEXT on the Freeway……….and or don’t use “bluetooth” when driving.

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