Singapore FlyerTake Advantage of Long Layovers
If you have more than a few hours of layover time in a city, don’t spend them milling around the airport or buying overpriced Duty Free goods. Instead, find out if there is anything close by that will let you get a flavor of the area. Some airports (like Singapore’s Changi and Amsterdam’s Schiphol) even offer city tours.

But you don’t need an organized tour. Once you know how much time you’ll have, just do some research in advance by searching online or asking friends/family on Facebook. I live close to LAX, for example, and always tell people that if their layover is three hours or more, to jump in a taxi and take a mini vacation by going to Manhattan Beach. It’s just 15 minutes away (a $25 taxi ride each way) and really makes for a fun layover. Here’s more on how to spend a long LAX layover.



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4 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Take Advantage of Long Layovers"
  1. Deia|

    I used my 19-hour layover in Taiwan to visit Taipei 101 and a couple of museums. Definitely a great way to have a micro-trip!

  2. Stephen|

    Or even better, deliberately schedule one!

    I’ll take the 14 hour layover over the 2 hours every time I’m traveling, as its such a cool way to get a glimpse of a new place on the way!

  3. Sandra McKeith|

    I love the idea but what do I do with my 21” carry on and backpack now that there not storage lockers in airports?

    1. Johnny Jet|

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