StorageStore Your Belongings Smartly
If you arrive to a destination early and your room isn’t available yet, leave your belongings with the bellman so you don’t have to carry them around—but make sure your computer bag and other valuables are locked and that all your things are stored in a secure place. You just never know.



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2 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Store Your Belongings Smartly"
  1. Robert Johnston|

    I always make it a point to tip that Bellman at both ends of the transaction (when they first pick up the bags and when they are delivered to the room). If you are in a country like French Polynesia where tipping isn’t the custom, I’ll try to establish a rapport with them and show genuine appreciation for their service (which I pretty much do anywhere). Besides ensuring that your luggage receives better care, you can learn a lot from the staff at a hotel or resort which can enhance your stay immeasurably.

  2. Dave Kaiser|

    Great tip that few people consider. It is very important to make sure the establishment keeps your luggage in a secure place! On several occasions we have arrived hours before check-in, left our luggage, and discovered by accident later that we had taken a huge risk. In one instance my wife forgot something in one of the bags, went to the bellman, who sent us, unescorted, to an unlocked room several hundred feet away containing luggage left by dozens of other people. It would have been simple for us to walk off with any of the suitcases or laptop bags (including mine) and no one would have known the difference. The inconvenience of losing your luggage overseas would have been terrible, and there would have been a major problem attempting to collect any damages from the hotel.

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