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GlassesKeep Your Belongings in Sight in Your Hotel Room
I rarely lose personal items in a hotel room and that’s because I always do a double—sometimes triple—sweep before I leave. And I don’t put any of my things anywhere it might be difficult to spot them. This might sound pretty basic, but after traveling with my aging father, I’ve come to realize he just plops his belongings down wherever’s closest.

I always place mine in the same spots, so time after time I know where they’ll be. I also don’t put dark items (like my dad’s sunglasses above) on a dark counter, and light on light, etc. If there’s no other surface, I’ll look for a book or a piece of paper to place under my things so they’ll stand out and be easier to spot. That way, I won’t overlook them when I’m hurrying to check out of my room.

FYI: The photo above was taken at the Ritz-Carlton Central Park in New York City where my dad and I recently stayed.



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9 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Keep Your Belongings in Sight in Your Hotel Room"
  1. Kat|

    I do this too! I always place my items in the same spot in every hotel room. If necessary, I relocate things like the phone, notepad, binders and water glasses to a different spot so I have an empty surface. And I always place my items on a contrasting fabric or surface.

  2. Ann|

    As a good example, watch out for hanging things on the hook behind the bath door. I learned this one the hard way!

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Good one!

  3. Karyn Moore|

    I have a folding box that I purchased at the $ store. It is 6″ x 6″. I set it up in the room next to the bed and EVERYTHING goes in there…watch, room key, glasses and flashlight (I always carry a small flashlight.). Everything is in one place and one place only.
    This tip also works great for travelling with kids…one box per child.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Great tip!

  4. Julie|

    A friend of mine told me about a flight attendant who leave one shoe in the safe the night before she checks out. This way she won’t forget anything she put in the safe.

    1. Johnny Jet|
  5. Adam Lambert|

    Good tip mate!!!

  6. Steven Finn|

    I do this too!

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