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I’ve warned about email scams (like this one) before, but the form they take is constantly changing. One of the newer ones going around right now looks like the below email. It purports that it’s from Southwest Airlines, but if you receive it, or something similar, don’t click the links or reply. Just delete it, as it’s surely a phishing scam loaded with malware and diseases.

From: “Southwest Airlines Survey” <???>
Date: August 5, 2014 at 12:12:24 PM PDT
To: <???>
Subject: You-have just-earned a Southwest-Airlines GiftCard! Fill Out our Survey.
August 5th, 2014

Southwest Airlines.
Notification # 7842913.

Greetings [your email],

Congratulations! You have just been chosen to fill out a survey on SOUTHWEST_COM and to show
you our appreciation with a $25 GiftCard.

Redeem-Voucher Here: (LINK)

Question 1 of 4:

Where do you visit SOUTHWEST from?

a) At Your-Work

b) At Your-Home (Visit-Here: LINK)

c) Other

Go here now and learn the next question: LINK



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1 Comment On "Travel Tip of the Day: New Email Scam"
  1. salim|

    when I get these types of suspect emails, I hover the pointer over the address & from the resulting info it becomes more clear what you’re dealing with

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