Want to know how to travel in style, just like the pros? We check in with frequent fliers to find out how often they fly, their favorite destinations and what they never leave home without.

David Parker Brown
David Parker Brown

Name: David Parker Brown

Occupation: Editor-in-Chief & Founder of AirlineReporter.com

Hometown: Oak Harbor, WA

Residence: Seattle, WA

College: University of Washington

College major: Political Science

Website: airlinereporter.com

Twitter: @AirlineReporter

Facebook: AirlineReporter 

Instagram: airlinereporter

YouTube: airlinereporter

Short bio: David has written, consulted and presented on multiple topics relating to airlines and travel since 2008. He has been quoted and written for a number of news organizations, including BBC, CNN, NBC News, Bloomberg, and others. He is passionate about sharing the complexities, the benefits and the fun stuff of the airline business.

How often do you fly? Typically a few times per month.

How many countries have you been to? 17

How many continents have you been to? 5

Earliest travel memory: Flying in a Bonanza V-tail.

Favorite American city: New York City.

Favorite international city: Tokyo.

Friendliest people in the world: Taipei.

Country with the meanest immigration officers: United States.

Favorite World Heritage Site: One of the many temples in Istanbul.

Favorite airline: Singapore Airlines.

Favorite aircraft type: On paper: 747, to fly: 777-300ER.

Aisle or window: Always window.

Favorite airport lounge: STAR/ANA in Tokyo for its beer robot

Favorite U.S. airport: Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (it means home).

Favorite international airport: Changi.

Favorite beach: One with few tourists.

Favorite hole-in-the-wall: Jack’s Bar in Thailand.

Least favorite food: Tomatoes.

Drink of choice (in the air and on the ground): Air: ginger ale.

Favorite travel movie(s): Trains, Planes & Automobiles.

5 things you bring on a plane: Camera, phone, chargers, laptop, and patience.

What do you always seem to forget? Shorts, especially when going somewhere hot.

What do you like least about travel? Dealing with security, but Global Entry and PreCheck really helps!

What do you want your loved one to buy you from an airport Duty Free store? Airline models.

Favorite travel app(s): Google Maps, simple, but very valuable.

Most embarrassing travel moment: After 42 hrs of straight travel I sort of yelled at minimum wage hired security at IAD because my bag was “too big.” I went back to apologize. 

I’m embarrassed but I haven’t been to: France.

Worst travel moment: Rudely being kicked out the lounge in Istanbul.

What’s your dream destination? VW camper trip down New Zealand.

Best travel tip: Smile more!

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