PantsIf you’re travel savvy, you know that pickpockets are rampant in Europe and other touristy destinations. In Paris, pickpockets were so bad last May that the Eiffel Tower was actually shut down for the day when its workers went on strike. A similar thing happened at the nearby Louvre in 2012. You can read about these incidents here.

Getting pickpocketed can definitely put a huge damper on a vacation, especially if the thieves get a hold of your passport, which is worth thousands of dollars on the black market. Most travelers think they can spot the bad guys, but even some security experts have admitted that they couldn’t spot pickpocketers and they have been duped by them. Many crooks work in groups and with cohorts of all ages and backgrounds. The point is: You need to be extra careful when you travel, especially in touristy destinations, on public transportation and in crowds.

If you want to give would-be pickpocketers the slip, you need to check out these pickpocket-proof pants by Clothing Arts. They have extra-deep side-seam pockets that are not only zippered but also have a triple-pocket design that includes a button-flap pocket and a hook-and-loop inner pocket for your camera and smartphone. The four cargo-style pockets (two in the back and one on each side) are made from double-thick, cut-resistant fabric. Rear cargo pockets expand or flatten, and one conceals a zip passport pocket. The nylon canvas fabric is soft and has a Teflon finish to repel light precipitation. They also come with UPF50+ sun protection.

They regularly cost $119 but right now they’re on sale for just $99, which is a small investment to make sure your valuables are safe. As a Johnny Jet subscriber, you can also save an extra 15% and receive free shipping on your order of $50 or more by entering the code JOHNNY at checkout.

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  1. Steve Romeo|

    I have been using Scottevest Hidden Cargo Pants for years…. Cheaper and a better buy!

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