Ktrak Snowmobile Bike KitThink it’s too snowy to ride your bike? Think again. The Ktrak Snowmobile Bike Kit is an extension for any standard bike that makes cruising winter wonderlands on two wheels possible. A rear traction system mounts to the back while a single ski mounts to the front. At $529, it’s not cheap, but it does look amazingly fun! (NOTE: The link to purchase on Gear Patrol seems to be down as of December 24, but hopefully it’ll be up soon.)

2 Comments On "Travel Product of the Week: Ktrak Snowmobile Bike Kit"
  1. Thomas|

    ah.. nice bicycle.. i wonder if i can ride it on road.. :D .. nice pic, nice post!

  2. EH|

    Imagine braking with this one… especially while riding on a slope!

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