Naomi IstedNaomi Isted (naomikisted)
Naomi Isted is a 40-year-old fashion journalist and TV presenter from the UK. She has nearly 100,000 Instagram followers and made the headlines this week when she told INSIDER that she “leaves her husband and kids in economy when she flies first class because she needs ‘time to focus’ and doesn’t want to ‘catch a cold’ from other passengers.”

I don’t really see anything wrong with this because she probably gets upgraded for free as an elite flyer, and if there are four in the family flying, they won’t fit in most plane rows anyway as they’re typically three seats across. Even if she’s flying only with her husband, I think it’s fine to be separated. In my family, we’re separated all the time, though usually I give my wife and son the upgrades as I did last week. Still, my wife usually insists I take the upgrade because I’m much taller and wider and I work on flights while she reads or watches TV (when Jack’s sleeping).

H/T to View from the Wing.

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