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Asiyami Gold (asiyami_gold) is a freelance, multi-faceted curator and creator. She’s originally from Nigeria but now calls Atlanta home. She has a passion for design, photography and travel and she takes beautiful photos, which is why she has over 100,000 followers. In an interview with, she says, “I enjoy getting lost in different cultures, feeding my appetite and living outside of my comfort zone. I feel brave and unstoppable when I’m away, and I’m more confident in my abilities and my work. I’m constantly inspired but I’ll always come back because of my family.”

H/T to Frommers.

Nigerians: a group of people who haven’t quite mastered the art of minding their business. As long as we are breathing the same air my matter “concerns” you. Nigerians who grew up in Nigeria are uncensored. If you’ve travelled for a month and you’ve gained a pound while you were away…. there’s that one Aunty who will look at you straight in the eye and say, “Oh girl, it’s like you’ve gotten fat o” While taking a picture in the TUK-TUK / KE-KE today several people walked pass and asked, na for ke-ke you wan snap picture? My ability to see the beauty around me that most fail to notice each day is a gift I don’t take for granted. As a result of this, doing the kind of work I do, in my country, is often seen as a novelty (but not in a good way). The interior of this KE-KE was way too groovy to not take a snap. ISSA VIBE! #kekeoflife #thanksmrmohammed #seeingafricadifferently

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