The Top Hundred Countries – And Why You Should Visit Them” by Graeme Philipson is the first travel book that rates all major destinations in the world according to key criteria important to the traveler. Philipson is an Australian technology journalist and market researcher who has traveled the world extensively for business and pleasure for 40 years. Now he’s a travel writer. He says the idea for the book came to him from the many ratings systems he devised as a market analyst, in fields as diverse as energy efficiency, local government and the hospitality industry.

The book is written for the global market in international (i.e. American) English. Its 380 pages contain detailed tables on each of the top 100 countries, based on the rating system he has devised. The rankings are based on ten criteria:

  • Popularity (tourists per year)
  • Number of things to see and do
  • Tourist friendliness
  • Value for money
  • Number of World Heritage Properties
  • Safety and security
  • Quality of the health system
  • Quality of the environment
  • Corruption level
  • Personal and economic freedom

It’s Graeme Philipson’s first travel book. He has also written the definitive history of the Australian computer industry, and has published a book of his original poetry.

“My work as a market analyst has made me appreciate the value of quantitative data,” he says. “And my career as a journalist has taken me all over the world. Travel is my passion. Now it’s all come together in this innovative book. And I got the great domain name”

Grab it: Grab “The Top Hundred Countries – And Why You Should Visit Them” by Graeme Philipson on Amazon as a Kindle e-book for $6.99 or in print for $24.99.


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