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In Kim Komando’s newsletter yesterday, she wrote about a portable air compressor that is perfect to keep in your car and to use for bike tires, balls and rafts. She convinced me to buy it, especially when she said it was on sale for only $17. NOTE: The prices listed in this story were correct at the time of publication but may change. RELATED: 40 of Our Favorite Travel Products From Amazon

Here’s what Kim wrote: “Don’t let a flat tire ruin your day. This portable air compressor is perfect to keep in the car — plus, you can use it on bike tires, sports balls and rafts. It’s easy to use and has a built-in gauge to accurately monitor tire pressure. If you find yourself stranded at night, there’s a bright LED light on this thing, too. You’ll use this a lot!”

At first I was thinking, “Do I really need to buy another thing for our car and garage?” So I actually held off for a few hours. But shortly afterwards, when I went to clean my garage, I realized my kids have so many balls, tires and rafts that I would be crazy not to spend $17 on it. So that’s when I bought it. It should be arriving today and I’m going to put it to immediate use.

The primary reason to buy it is to keep in your car just in case you get a flat tire. What’s interesting about the device is that it works with your 12-volt car accessory outlet so you don’t need to find an electrical outlet. Other selling points is that it features a built in dial gauge (0-100 psi), air cooled motor, a bright LED light and 10ft power cord. It also includes air adapters for rafts, balls and other inflatables. Good to know: Amazon says it takes eight minutes to inflate a standard flat tire to full.

What made me feel even better about my purchase is that later in the day, I read an article from Tom’s Guide titled ‘7 Things You Should Always Keep in the Trunk of Your Car.’ Guess what number seven is? Spoiler alert: It’s an air compressor and tire sealer.

Tom writes, “This one’s particularly helpful if you’re not confident in changing a tire or if you don’t have a spare in your car. The air compressor can re-inflate your tire, while the sealer will temporarily seal up the leak. This isn’t a permanent fix, but should be good enough to get you to a tire repair shop for a longer term fix.”

So, I just purchased the tire sealer, too for $9 so we should be good to go on our next road trip.

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