One of the best times to visit a new place to experience it as authentically as possible is when it’s not the high tourist season. You get more of the local flair, don’t have to deal with as many crowds, and even better, you can often save a bundle of money!

With winter in full swing, Rail Europe Inc., the North American Leader in European rail travel, has just announced their latest deals.

Train travel in Europe is simply one of the best ways to see and get around. It’s easy, convenient, and a pleasurable way of getting through and between countries.

So, if the you’ve got a case of the winter travel bug and are looking to plan a European escape, check these out:

A High-Speed Adventure – 20 Percent Savings on Eurostar

With so much to see and do in Europe, time is always of the essence. On Eurostar you can get from Paris to London in just two hours and 15 minutes and from Brussels to London in one hour and 51 minutes. With travel times like that, passengers aboard Eurostar’s high-speed train network can easily enjoy day trips to some of the best cities in Europe. (Read more about travel in Europe here.)

Beginning February 15 through March 14 2012, Rail Europe is offering travelers a 20 percent savings on Eurostar Standard Premier Tickets* with fares beginning at $154 for one way and $308 for round-trip. Travel is valid within six months of purchase. (*Displayed as comfort class on

Frolic in Sweden – Free Day of Travel on Eurail Sweden Passes

Who doesn’t want to explore the natural beauty of the Swedish countryside and the spectacular city of Stockholm? In winter, it’s just as exhilarating and gorgeous.

Now through March 30, 2012, travelers who purchase a six or eight-day Eurail Sweden Pass receive an additional travel day complimentary with Rail Europe’s Sweden Free Day promotion. This exclusive deal offers seven days of rail travel for the price of six, or nine days of rail travel for the price of eight aboard Sweden’s national rail network.

The pass also includes travel from Gothenburg and Stockholm to Oslo and round-trip from Copenhagen’s airport. Prices begin at $356 for first class seating and $275 for second class seating. Travel is valid within six months of purchase.

A Last-minute Trip to Britain – 20 percent savings on BritRail Passes

In Johnny’s recent special for the Travel Channel, “Hot Spots 2012,” he included London as one of the eight top destinations to visit in 2012. With the Olympics and the Queen’s Jubilee upon us, it’s a great time to visit this fantastic city and explore some of the best of Great Britain while you’re at it, including my personal favorite — Wales. (Read more about travel in Wales here. )

Now through February 14, 2012, travelers receive a 20 percent savings on BritRail Passes, which offer unlimited travel throughout the national rail networks of Great Britain. Prices begin at $219 for first class travel and $159 second class travel for three consecutive days. Travel is valid through February 29, 2012.

Happy train travels in Europe!

More info:
Rail Europe: Specials & Promotions

*Photos courtesy of Eurostar.

About the Author: Lindsay Taub is an award-winning journalist with over a decade of experience as a writer/editor/photographer covering travel, lifestyle, culture, arts, food, health, and all facets that make life a journey. Follow her on twitter @lindsaytaub58.

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