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Amtrak Acela Express NY to Wilmington Delaware Aug 2014-003Last week I took Amtrak’s Acela Express train for the first time in a few years and I realized I’d completely forgotten what it was like. I was traveling from New York’s Penn Station (one of America’s worst train stations) to Wilmington, Delaware. Since it had been so long since I’d taken Acela, I actually felt like a complete rookie traveler and ended up making all kinds of mistakes—like getting to Penn Station super early. I didn’t know if I needed to get my prepaid printed ticket stamped in advance or not. I didn’t.

Here are my other observations and experiences:
Acela is a fast train that can travel at speeds of up to 150 mph (only in certain locations). What’s nice is that taking the train to and from New York and Boston, Providence, Philadelphia, Wilmington, Baltimore or Washington DC is so much more convenient than flying or driving. Did you know that it only takes 2:50 to get from New York to DC and 1:07 to get from New York to Philadelphia or 1:30 to Wilmington, Delaware? No wonder so many people commute or take day trips.

Amtrak Acela Express NY to Wilmington Delaware Aug 2014-010However, it’s not cheap during the week. A one-way ticket from New York to Washington two months in advance is $259 for business and $375 for first (the only two classes offered on Acela). But if you aren’t in a hurry, you can get cheap tickets ($49) on the Northeast Regional, which is frankly just as comfortable and only takes 50 minutes more. See screenshot above.

But many business travelers love Acela because:

  • It’s quicker with faster stops
  • There are Express trains offered every hour on the hour during peak morning and afternoon rush hours between New York, Washington, DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and other intermediate cities
  • There are at-seat electrical outlets and conference tables
  • They have free Wi-Fi—I used a VPN ( so I was on a secure signal
  • They usually aren’t paying

What I learned is that:

  • There are no assigned seats
  • There are two types of seating in business class: a four-top with a table in between, and two regular seats side-by-side, facing either forward or backward; in first class, they have those and single seats facing each other
  • There is lots of overhead space
  • The Quiet Car was really quiet (and full)
  • If you travel off-peak, you have a much better chance of getting an open seat next to you
  • Amtrak has live tracking, which you can see when you agree to their internet terms and conditions
  • Tip: Bring bottled water

On the departure leg, the 9 am train, I was in business class and it was great as I had an open seat next to me and in front of me. And we were on time.
Amtrak Acela Express NY to Wilmington Delaware Aug 2014-009But the return journey wasn’t and that was because of one individual…the conductor. Which was a shame, because the company that booked my same-day return ticket put me in first class so I could relax and enjoy the complimentary in-seat meal and beverage service. The first 10 minutes were great since I was in a comfortable seat with an open seat across from me. The waitress quickly came over and handed me a menu, and then took my dinner and drink order (jerk chicken and bottled water), as well as my ticket.

Two minutes later, I was eating my jerk chicken (it was pretty awful) when the conductor (D. Purvis) came by and said really loudly to me, “Big problem. Your return ticket has been refunded and you need to buy a new ticket before we reach Philly.” I thought he was talking to someone else until I realized he was looking right at me. I was not only dumbfounded but embarrassed as well, as the snooty passengers dressed in suits across the aisle looked at me like, “I knew he didn’t belong up here.”

Then Mr. Purvis stood over me until I called Amtrak to speak to an agent. It took about five minutes with all of their prompts, but it felt like hours with him hovering over me like I was about to eat my free meal and run. This is after I’d already sent inquiring messages to the person who booked my ticket (but didn’t get a reply as they were in meetings).

The conductor then said that the on-site cash price was $261 but it might be cheaper by calling—and that I couldn’t book via the web. Then, the moment I got a hold of the agent the conductor said, “Hang up.” I said, “Excuse me?” “Are you Johnny?” he asked. “Yes,” I replied. He said, “Hang up, you’re okay then.”

He said “sorry,” and started to walk away. I said, “Sorry doesn’t cut it after you treated me like a convict and gave me an upset stomach over you getting my ticket number wrong.” He looked at me like I was crazy and walked away, while the other passengers gave me the nod like I was right.

I was fuming for a few minutes but then I realized—why was I so mad? I should have been happy because this guy just inadvertently prevented me from eating the horrible chicken, stale bread and fattening pudding that I would’ve eaten just because it was there. Thank you, Mr. Purvis, and please, next time, doublecheck your passengers’ tickets before making them feel like a hobo.

Would I take Acela again? Absolutely, as long as someone else is paying. Otherwise I would take the Northeast Regional train since it’s a quarter of the price in advance and you don’t have to deal with airport security, small planes and weather delays.

NY Penn Station
NY Penn Station
NY Penn Station departures board
NY Penn Station departures board
Amtrak Acela Express train
Amtrak Acela Express train
Inside Amtrak Acela Express train (Business Class)
Inside Amtrak Acela Express train (Business Class)
Inside Amtrak Acela Express train (Business Class)
Inside Amtrak Acela Express train (Business Class)
Amtrak Acela Express train electrical outlet
Amtrak Acela Express train electrical outlet
Amtrak Acela Express First Class menu
Amtrak Acela Express First Class menu
Amtrak Acela Express First Class menu
Amtrak Acela Express First Class menu
Amtrak Acela Express First Class menu
Amtrak Acela Express First Class menu
Amtrak Acela Express First Class jerk chicken
Amtrak Acela Express First Class jerk chicken
Amtrak's rates for Oct 13, 2014 (searched on Aug 17)
Amtrak's rates for Oct 13, 2014 (searched on Aug 17)

34 Comments On "The Good, Bad and Ugly about Taking Amtrak’s Acela Express Train"
  1. hometoitaly|

    thank you for sharing a real person experience…….we, average travelers, get this treatment all the time and still have to sit in bad seats……

  2. Steven Hoekman|

    Just took Boltbus from Manhattan to Philly. 2 hours each way. $15 and $12 respectively.
    Very comfortable. Sometimes they have WiFi.

  3. brian|

    nice review, except that most of us locals don’t take amtrakl. We take one of the “chinatown buses” in this case $20 one way and takes 2 hours 20 minutes. 2 stops in NYC, and 1 in Wilmington.

    1. Anonymous|

      yes, but a sleeping driver and no break pads sometimes come with that cost

  4. Sparky Allen|

    How strict are they about enforcing the bag size for carry on on the Amtrak that run between Manassas and Union Station in DC? Anyone have any idea? Thanks.

    1. Justin|

      I’ve never seen anyone with oversize luggage being given a problem on any Amtrak trains unless it was something ridiculously oversized. A bag that’s a bit larger than the limit, or carrying one extra bag, shouldn’t be an issue, especially when traveling to/from a station like Manassas that doesn’t offer checked baggage. But that is of course not a guarantee that you won’t have a stickler for the rules or a freshly-minted conductor who hasn’t yet learned what rules should be bent. You’ll be taking a chance, but I don’t think you’ll have any problems with a slightly-larger-than-allowed bag.



  6. Michael Zullo|

    Too many workers like your train conductor(Pervis) need remedial customer friendly service training. But that’s not going to happen unless customers report their behavior to management. Maybe, you’ll squeeze in the time to do it.

  7. ChinaMatt|

    Sounds a bit ridiculous that they could screw up something so simple. My friend used to take it from NYC to DC. He said he could usually find round-trip tickets under $150 if he booked far enough in advance.

  8. Anonymous|

    What were you do moving in Wilmo – I could have picked you up at the train station! Live and work there.

  9. Cyndi Powell|

    Aha! I finally find a real review about Amtrak. I rode the Coastliner overnight this past spring…what an experience. Surly, lazy crewmembers who literally woke us up at 7am by shouting over the intercom “WAKEY WAKEY”…this after a sleepless night on a terrible pad in their ‘sleeper’ car. Seriously, a toilet stall has more room. I could go on and on…but just do not take Amtrak. They are horrible. Johnny…you should do an expose’ on these guys on the overnighter.

  10. Suzanne Fluhr|

    I don’t think the Acela is worth it most of the time. The trip duration from NYC to Philadelphia is 1:07 on the Acela and 1:20 on the regular Amtrak train. I know time is money, but that’s too much money—for not enough time, IMHO.

  11. Judy Colbert|

    I love AMtrak, Johnny. You neglected to mention the Amtrak station at BWI airport that lets people fly long flights into Baltimore and then catch Amtrak to nearby locations. BWI is so much easier to clear (luggage, customs, etc.) than Philly, Newark, JFK, And, with Amtrak, you’re in the middle of the city and don’t need a long cab ride. Yes, you get the occasional employee who is having a bad day, but for my money Amtrak’s the only way to go. It’s not always great if you have to be someplace on time for a meeting or catching a flight. Plan ahead, take an earlier train, and enjoy your trip.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Good to know! Thank you

  12. James|

    I miss the hourly flights southwest ran from Philly to Providence. The flights ran on average about $70, take off to touchdown 40m min. After over a decade of operation sw decided expand the service with direct flights to Logan and Manchester. Less than 2 years later they cancelled flights from all 3 airports to philly. Genius corporate decision making. Now I’m stuck paying tow or the times the cost for a trip that takes 4-5 hours

  13. nick pollicott|

    I used to take this train regularly up until about 5 years ago, escorting British tourists between Boston and New York. The redcaps were always helpful – particularly Joe in Boston. The trains were clean and on time. But the biggest let down were the dining car staff – the most rude and uncooperative I have ever met anywhere in the world- I think the catering staff on Indian Railways could give them some lessons on service and politeness.

    1. Tony|

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  14. Tony|

    I have lived in Washington DC for over 20 years and no matter how you cut it, commuting is stressful and costly! I have consistently traveled between the Mid-Atlantic-NE corridor for many years and I have not only found the solution, I actually jumped on board…. Fly Beacon recently launched in the NY City / Boston market with a daily All-You-Can-Fly private plane membership that also includes seasonal unlimited flights to Nantucket and the Hamptons. Self serving? You Bet! Expensive? $2000/mo. Unlimited flights per month!! You do the math considering your own travel schedule and then factor in: Exclusive private jet service (Pilatus PC12/King Air 350i); No TSA hassles; No long lines, delays; Personal service; Significant travel time reduction (avg. NY-Boston 53 minutes); Additional passenger seating available ($$). You can check out by calling me at 303-434-4036

  15. Michael Benami Doyle|

    I’m not surprised by the conductor’s behavior. Every trip I’ve ever taken on Amtrak in the Northeast Corridor has felt like riding a railroad operated by the post office.

  16. Clinton|

    Here’s a good one: Got done early in Philly and decided to upgrade my Acela Express ticket to a 1hr earlier train….. well the earlier train I paid more for was 1hr late and I ended up leaving the station at the original ticket time for $50 more….the Acela Express is consistently late…usually by 10 to 15 mins and usually twice a week by 1hr or more. It’s a joke…

  17. Chris|

    $49 if you travel at 0300 or 0400or after midnight. All that gets you is permission to get on the train and fight with seven times as many people trying to get on, especially during student break and holiday seasons. If you’re not in line an hour before the train is scheduled to depart, odds are the only seat you will find is a person highly insulted that you want them to re over their luggage for three seats to let you sit down. I’ve seen people,flop in front of the wheelchair seats rather than play chicken.

    Conductor’s behavior should have been reported first opportunity, on or off the train. You never said if you did, or what Amtrak’s reply was. Can only assume you didn’t because any remediation would ruin your story.

    In other words, you get what you pay for, and anyone who orders microwave chicken has only themselves to blame.

  18. Dr Phil 317|

    On the 8:14 Acela out of NYP right now. Approaching Philly, not a bag trip so far. $49 fare for business class. Can’t beat that! I’ll do this again

  19. Rob Bucket Listed|

    Amtrak seriously needs to get themselves in to the modern era. It’s depressing to think that we (the US) still has just about the worst rail system in the modern world. I go between Boston and New York on fairly regular basis and the train is nice compared to something like Metro-North, but is still light years away from anything in Europe. I for one would really love to see us (US) up its high speed train game just a bit.

  20. Laura|

    I’m going to be taking the Acela this October. I felt it was worth the time and the money for a business class seat (extra on the northeast regional, and their business class seats are smaller) or a first class seat that includes your own seat by yourself, food and drink, as well as access to the Acela lounge in New York. The lounge access alone imo is worth it when travelling. I found that out when travelling by train cross country and experienced the lounge in Chicago. Free food and drinks in the lounge, free wifi, people to keep an eye on your bags while you explore the city, its worth it every time.
    However, if you’re not looking for an experience, the northeast regional is comfortable, as are the bus lines that go between DC and NYC, just I do prefer Acela. Since I dont fly, my Acela ticket costs about the same as a flight from Baltimore to NY, it takes about the same amount of time, and i’m not getting groped by the TSA and having to take my shoes off.

  21. Heather|

    I was thinking to take the train some day but after I read this ..No way!! I

  22. Anonymous|

    Amtrak has a big problem with its so called conductors. They should be just called ticket checkers because that’s all they do and nothing more than a high faluting title for little service or help. Most have attitudes of grandeur and don’t care much about the customer. Any chance to harass someone and they will. Zero customer service skills and appropriateness. Same with the Amtrak Police. Stupidity is their number one game. Them and the conductors. Overhaul of the hiring process severely needed. Firings definitely mandatory. Think of how may others suffered and not been vindicated. It needs to stop. You need to report him. Otherwise they just feel nothing can cause them to lose their miserable jobs.

  23. Amtrak Conductors need firing overhaul|

    Amtrak has a big problem with its so called conductors. They should be just called ticket checkers because that’s all they do and nothing more than a high faluting title for little service or help. Most have attitudes of grandeur and don’t care much about the customer. Any chance to harass someone and they will. Zero customer service skills and appropriateness. Same with the Amtrak Police. Stupidity is their number one game. Them and the conductors. Overhaul of the hiring process severely needed. Firings definitely mandatory. Think of how may others suffered and not been vindicated. It needs to stop. You need to report him. Otherwise they just feel nothing can cause them to lose their miserable jobs. 

  24. Frank|

    we are coming from the UK and using Acela NYC to Washington later this year as part of a longer trip therefore have two 23k suitcases. How does the luggage work….do you have to carry it on and off yourself or is there a baggage car ?

    1. Johnny Jet|

      You carry it yourself.

  25. Laura|

    I live in Northern Va and chose a dentist in NYC. He is worth the travel, and the travel by Acela makes it beautiful. I have to say, most of the conductors onboard are like your Purvis, but the other staff, they are angelic!
    I traveled up on Monday night, last train, and back on Tuesday night, last train. (Usually I do it in one day, but this was a particularly ouchy appointment) The staff kicked out two people who snuck into .first class, but only after one made an ass of herself. I was overjoyed, as she had quickly snagged the seat I was heading towards. After her departure, I got up, toted my suitcase way back to that seat, and the staff just grinned. Not one peep about me being obnoxious.
    Next stop in Delaware, a family with two loud children sat down at the table beside me, and woke me up, so I traipsed right back to the seat I had abandoned, as I sat down, the conductor all but tackled me, and said I couldn’t sit there!
    I was so confused. I said, but I was sitting here before! I am just trying to escape that noise back there.
    She informed me they were trying to keep two seats “open”.
    Why would you do that? I asked…and she answered -“for him” -and pointed to a sleeping extremely high level politician. (Not Biden, that would have made more sense!)
    But I immediately assured her I just wanted to go back to sleep…and the wait staff chimed in, saying oh honey she’s ok, she’s a great gal! And with that, I was allowed to snuggle right down into the chair and return to my nap. I honestly love the staff on the Acela.
    And I love the fruit plate. It’s truly the best meal I have had on any kind of public transport. I’m not even a vegetarian, but it’s always delicious, and filling. And doesn’t require Pepto after.
    The Acela is such a convenient, pleasant way to round trip from DC to NYC in one day… if you can do it, try it!

    -loved your review Johnny, but I gotta add mine to the Northeast Regional, I took it once. The 4:00am to NYC.
    Maybe because it was the early train, it was the most miserable experience I have had purely travel wise. I felt like I was in a grayhound bus,with all the stops, and not one seat was empty. I Would breathe a sigh of relief as people exited each stop, then die a little inside, as they were quickly replaced with newcomers every stop!
    It was so crowded and loud, and slowwww compared to the Acela. Plus the Union Station Acela Club is so divine, and so close to the gates! You can’t take advantage of it if you ride the Regional!
    Now, if we could get Penn Station to upgrade THEIR Acela Club, we would really be working some magic.

  26. Joe Hohmann|

    My wife and I do the regular Amtrak Phila to Boston run 3 times a year. We’ve done the Acela twice, Phila to NYC, and Phila to D.C.. Frankly, we don’t think the steep extra cost of the Acela is worth it. I’d bet most of the Acela passengers are not paying out-of-pocket. We are in our 70s, and always fly first class (which we feel is worth it). A few days ago we took the Amtrak Silver Meteor to Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Great trip!

  27. Gary Behling|

    Often times, people complain because they think that they’re FAR more important than they really are. The SLIGHTEST bit of inconvenience provokes a response far in excess of what is needed. As for myself, I look forward to these situations happening to me because I usually can turn a negative into a positive. Like getting free stuff. Instead of using anger as a response, I use politeness, logic, and guilt over their treatment of me to get whatever I can. And I’m good at it. One time, I got my Amtrak fare (including Roomette bedroom) comped by Amtrak from Reno to Chicago.

  28. Sam|

    I come in on a flight from Las Vegas to BWI about every three months or so. In the past I have taken Amtrak north from BWI station to Wilmington.

    Coming up from Union Station, the Northeast regional train has never been on time at BWI. It is always delayed at Union Station for varying lengths of time. The longest I waited was 3 hours.

    You cannot depend on Amtrak to get you to your destination in a timely manner if you have an appointment that day

  29. Gary G.|

    I live in New jersey, Year 2009 (decade ago still fresh in memory) I had called up AMTRAK about their auto car train from Lorton, VA to Florida where you can take your car in train and ride along to Florida. The agent was rude and not helpful with information, not to judge the entire AMTRAK company based on one agent’s behavior , I called two days later this time a lady she was so arrogant and condescending each minute passing by she got louder and louder and more irritated. I had some basic 2 or 3 answers which I could not get from their website. Finally I decided to drive and having a stop over in North Carolina then riding the train as I did not want to get any surprise experience riding in AMTRAK. This perennial loss making company runs on government subsidy, if they improve their customer service I am sure people will love to ride on train.

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