On Saturday, I did a travel segment for KCAL/CBS LA about summer travel deals. Since they ran the interview in its entirety and I had copious notes, I’m sharing both with you since it should help with any summer or fall trips you’re taking. So, without further ado, here are my top summer travel tips:

What is this summer’s most popular destination so far?
-It really depends on who you ask:
According to Airbnb: It’s places like Venice, Italy; Nassau, Bahamas; Capri, Italy; Puerto Escondido, Mexico; Quepos, Costa Rica.
According to Priceline: Internationally for Americans it’s London, Paris and Rome and domestically it’s Las Vegas, Orlando, New York, Chicago, and Seattle.
According to Hopper: 65% of travelers are flying domestically this summer. Las Vegas, Miami and Los Angeles.

What are some last-minute trips people should think about if they are looking to get away before the end of summer?
I love Catalina Island since it’s so close and feels like Europe. If you have kids, then San Diego and Santa Barbara are easy and fantastic destinations. I’m in Canada right now and it’s a great value and so close. Thanks to the strong US dollar, it’s 23% off everything. If you want to go to Europe, the euro is at its lowest level since 2002 and it’s now on par with the US dollar. To save money, fly mid-September through October when the weather will be nicer and not so crowded.

We are hearing about a lot of delays and cancellations due to a pilot shortage. What can people do to make sure everything goes smoothly?
-Leave plenty of time. Arrive at your destination a day or two early. Arrive to the airport early as well.
-Make sure your contact info is correct in case your flight schedule changes
-Use tracking apps like Flighty and TripIt
-Fly midweek
-Take first flight out
-Don’t check a bag
-If you do check a bag, pop an AirTag in your suitcase
-Don’t use a black suitcase like everyone else, don’t put your address on it. Just put your name and email on a secure tag on the outside and one in the inside.
-Take a picture of the outside of the bag and inside contents
-Make sure the bag tag the agent puts on your bag has the right three-letter airport code
-Pack extra clothes, valuables, medications and snacks in your carry-on

Fall travel is around the corner. How can people start preparing right now? (Any travel booking hacks, too?)
-Sign up to newsletters from the airlines and Scott’s Cheap Flights (as well as mine)
-If you see a great deal, jump on it. You have 24 hours to cancel so buy if it’s really good then ask your travel companions if the dates and times work.
-Set fare alerts
-Travel midweek
-Look at one-way and RT
-Don’t buy Basic Economy
-Look at package deals

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